There are a few care tips for your mattress once you buy a new one. Taking proper care of your mattress will not only keep it in a good condition for a long time but will also help you to build a type of fondness and relation with it. No matter how surprising it may seem to you at this moment, rest assured that proper mattress care and good relation will keep several health issues away.

Care tips to follow    

Simple dusting may not be possible for you to maintain your mattress which is why you should follow these tips to keep your mattress clean, happy and healthy. Start by making sure that the foundation and the mattress is installed properly in your bedroom as improper installation will damage your new sleep set and avoid problems.

  • Rotate the mattress periodically unless the instruction on your mattress indicates otherwise. You can rotate it from one end to another or even flip it over if possible and applicable.
  • Cover the mattress up with a good quality and washable mattress cover or any other mattress protector. If you like you may also cover the box spring or foundation with one as well. It will keep the mattress free from stains and the set fresh. It will also prevent allergens and dust mites breeding on your mattress. You can visit Sleep Republic for pocket spring king mattress.
  • Make sure that there is no unusual odor on the mattress. If you find any leave it uncovered in a well-ventilated room overnight to do the trick.
  • Provide good support to the mattress by making sure that the bed frame is of high quality and sturdy. If you have a queen or a king size set make sure that the frame supports the center of the mattress strongly to prevent it from sagging or breaking.
  • Though it is not illegal to remove the tag on your mattress as most people believe, leaving it intact will help in future reference in case you have any warranty claim.
  • Make sure that kids have different places to jump on and not on the bed or sofa. Not only they can get hurt but the rough housing of the mattress can damage the interior construction of the bed.
  • Also make sure that there are no boards between the foundation and the mattress though it may provide a little more support for some time but will surely make the problem worse down the road. When you see that boards are required for extra support, get a new mattress instead.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for your mattress as they know the best ways to care for your mattress.

For regular cleaning, ensure vacuuming it but do not ever apply harsh chemicals and spot removers. It will harm the fabric and underlying materials.

Also make sure that if you need to remove your old mattress altogether do not give it to relatives, neighbors or donate it to a charity. If it was not good for you, it is not good for anyone else. Simply throw it out.