When you have a patient in your house you have to stay double sure about everything including the cleaning chores. Even though doing chores is not exactly the first on the list of fun activities. Following are very common mistakes you might do in cleaning and that might not be good for your family and any disabled patient.


There are some spots in our houses that we usually fail to look after, the small drip in the kitchen sink, a slow draining bathroom sink or a toilet that runs nonstop. They usually look like much of a big deal but they can be if not taken care of.

Make sure you clean sinks and shower daily especially of the bathrooms of the patient because you wouldn’t want your patient to be bothered by clogged bathrooms and overflowed pipes.

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Good thing if you are cleaning your house properly already but are you using the right products. With a sensitive patient in your house, you have to be careful about the chemical you used to clean the furniture or windows or bathrooms, as some chemicals can cause in breathing for patients.

Make sure you read the instructions over the product properly and research its purpose and uses and then use it in your house for cleaner and safer house.


We all have this annoying habit of not getting rid of trash until its stinking. This is not just gross but also extremely unhealthy for kids and a house with a disabled person. The piles of garbage give birth to rodents, roaches, spiders and many more germs.

To keep your house away from these insects, you should empty trash bins daily and sweep the area where trash bins are put to avoid any bacteria.


Almost all electronic gadget discharges alarms and beeps. Some are useful, many are irritating, some can be disregarded, and some can even spare your life. Disregarding alarms from smoke and carbon dioxide detectors that need a battery charge can be lethal.

Keep your electronic devices updated and maintained from time to time so you could prevent any ugly situation.


I am pretty sure that you haven’t given your clothes dryer or kitchen hood venting system much care in a long while. These gather moisture, lint, cooking odors, and grease every time you use them. When was the last time you cleaned them? Overlooking these hidden spots can bring about small fires and much harm.

Make sure you clean up all hidden spots once a weak and repair if anything is broke.


There are consistently things to be done when you are in charge of both indoor cleaning and outdoor territories. A few things are to weeds in the garden or muddy solid yards. Others, similar to gutter clogged can make harm your home and lower its worth.

You have to be very careful about outdoor cleaning as patients like to spend their time in lawns and garden while reading the newspaper or having coffee.

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