Is treadmill good for weight loss exercise?

Undoubtedly, it’s clear that is one of the most popular weight loss equipped all over the world. As a weight loss equipped treadmill has good reputation in the fitness community. An overweight people can burn more than 500 up to 700 calories in one-hour treadmill workout at moderate peace of speed.  

Current time, very few workout machines have that offer smoothly weight loss exercise. The workout machine is one of them because it is really effective weight loss exercise equipped that offer a lot of weight loss exercise. But, weight loss exercise depends on your fitness journey moderate speed.  

Do treadmills get you in shape?

Absolutely yes, because the treadmill is design for easy to complete your aerobic or cardiovascular exercise.  As a cardiovascular exercise machine it also able to improve stamina with muscular endurance.  

There are a good deals of fitness expert believe that treadmill is the great key option for making body muscle and give good shape. When you’re going to start treadmill workout you need to start slow speed such as 2 mph (3.22 km/h) up to 5 mph (ca. 8 km/h) and you can gradually increase speed for each minute.  Then you can continue work out on 15 minutes at the same speed. This is an ideal way to improve body shape as well as overall fitness levels.  

Can treadmill burn belly fat?

Usually, most of the people thinking that equipped is only built for weight loss and improve fitness endurance. But, if you want to know that how much belly fat can burn a treadmill. So, as a calories burning machine treadmill has awesome popularity in all over the world.  

Not only treadmill can burn belly fat but also it is very easier option to improve fitness condition without any injuries. This is the only one way that reduces so many calories smoothly without any injuries or impact. For this reason most of the people like this machine.  

Is the treadmill or bike better for losing weight?

Every single user believes those and exercise bikes are the most popular weight loss exercise equipped in the fitness community.  But, if you want to ask me that which is better for losing weight so, I’m told you that it’s depend on your demand and fitness balance.  

As an exercise bike ideal for those people who haven’t much body balance and want to try increase fitness condition. At the same time, treadmill is the suitable for those people who have much body balance and want to develop body shape and fitness levels. So, now you can select one which is the best for your fitness journey and perfect for balance.  

Is 30 minutes on treadmill enough to lose weight?

Is 30 minutes of treadmill exercise is truly enough for your weight loss exercise. Because, it reduces a lot of excess fat and calories without any issued. So I’m pretty sure that using of treadmill 30 minutes you can easy to reach your fitness destinations.  


In these reviews we are discussed common some questions that’s really outstanding for your treadmill workout journey. I’m very much sure that after reading this question you will know more essential questions that make your workout more comfortable and effectively. Thanks for reading these reviews and keep support me.