Alternative therapies like crystal therapy have risen to prominence as people seek ways to anchor themselves, calm anxiety, and alleviate stress during these trying times. 

Using crystals for healing purchased from a crystal shop online has been known for generations. However, celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham have spoken about their faith in the practice, bringing it back into the public eye. 

As with many phenomena resurfacing, social media has significantly influenced their resurgence.

Why Crystal Healing Is the Most Sought Therapy

Emma Lucy Knowles, a renowned crystal healer, says she’s noticed a “deeper urge to connect” in the previous few years. ” The rise of social media has, in her opinion, helped people re-discover a sense of belonging and self-confidence through the medium of social media. In contrast, people have grown dependent on that quick fix, that energy boost from a small computer in their hands, which never actually gives them the nourishment our hearts, souls, and minds require. As a result, they dig a little deeper and keep scrolling, looking in the wrong places.”

Nature’s “plenty of delights” present deeper-rooted connections from plant power to crystal vibrations. “Crystals allow people to move fresh energy into the being, offering internal connectivity that increases their external connectivity,” Knowles explains. Many individuals are beginning to recognize the positive effects of this energy.

Benefits of Crystals  

Crystals are thought to have medicinal properties primarily in mental well-being, such as promoting feelings of peace, joy, and concentration, improving one’s immune system, and naturally alleviating pain.

Depending on their shape, color, and type, crystals are said to have unique energies. These energies can be aligned with many aspects of your life.

For instance, a wide variety of crystals are available at a crystal shop online in different shapes and sizes. You can easily choose the best one for yourself.

The Crystal Craze of Celebrities

Celebrities and influential people have fueled the current crystal frenzy by openly disclosing their use of semi-precious stones for self-care. Adele is not uncommon to mention her use of crystals to ease stage nervousness before performances. For example, her support legitimizes their benefits for those who are crystal inquisitive but may not be aware of energy traditions like acupuncture, yoga, or Ayurveda.

Choosing the Right Crystals

When it comes to color, dark crystals tend to protect while light crystals purify, with black for protection and brown for purification, while white is the color of purity and green for moments of quiet. In a similar vein, pink-colored stones are thought to focus on love, red-colored stones on vitality, and yellow-colored stones on prosperity and abundance.

There are various theories as to why round crystals are better than ones with a point at the center, but the most common is that they radiate energy evenly (or in both directions if they are pointed at both ends).

Ways to Store Crystals Safely

Keeping your crystals close to your body will help them impact the energy surrounding you. 

A face roller or gua sha composed of rose quartz or amethyst can also be used to massage and meditate with crystals in your beauty routine. And don’t forget to use salt crystals in the bath or for inhalation if they’ve been steeped in essential oils.