We all live by the adage health is wealth, no wonders, we spend a considerable amount of time and income in taking care of it. What we tend to miss out is that oral health forms an integral aspect of our over health and preventive dentist visit is as important as our routine checkups.

Despite increased awareness and interest in dental checkups, many a time, people seem to push it away unless there is a pressing emergency. The idea of having to spend long hours on a dental chair makes us all uncomfortable, and we do not visit a dentist unless there is a visible sign of decay and pain. A regular dental checkup, however, would take ten to fifteen minutes of your time and can prevent many minor as well as life impeding troubles.

So we are taking you through 5 reasons why we believe that a regular dental visit should make it into your calendar.

1. To wave off cavities

Early detection of a cavity is very difficult as you may not experience any pain or discomfort in the initial stages. Caries in your tooth enamel grow at a rapid rate, if not arrested, this tooth decay multiplies and turns to irreversible damage. A severe tooth decay condition might have you undergo a painful tooth extraction as well.

However, your dentist can detect an early sign of infection and can suggest appropriate measures to arrest its progression way before the situation blows out of proportion. Just by performing a regular X-ray, your dental practitioner may detect any hidden issues like abscess or infection and take appropriate action. Depending on the amount of decay, you might get a regular filling or a root canal surgery. These procedures are comparatively less tacky, and finding good sedation care orally near me can reduce the pain and hassle to a great extent.


2. To take care of your gums

Our routine dental care habits might not be enough to deep clean the gums as the spaces between our teeth are too little for any toothbrush to reach. Poor gum health is the precursor to any periodontal diseases such as bleeding gums, soreness, chewing problems, and gingivitis. These periodontal diseases can lead to more severe conditions, such as diabetes and heart strokes. Therefore, to prevent these perils, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene and turn to your dentist. A regular deep dental cleaning done at a dentist clinic ensures the minute spaces between your teeth are thoroughly clean (view more). To remove build-up tartar, and plaque your dental hygienist might resort to scaling and polishing your teeth. Thus, ensuring good gum health.


3. To keep your teeth white and shining

Instead of spending a hefty amount on teeth whitening procedures, it is better to go for routine cleaning instead. The surface of your tooth is made of pores and absorbs the color of your food and drinks. The build-up pigmentation from food leads to discoloration of your teeth robbing them of their natural shine. Most of the teeth whitening procedures aim at removing this pigmentation from the teeth surface. But, with regular eating habits, all teeth whitening procedures tend to lose their lust. However, if you opt for a regular dental cleanup, it can be beneficial for you in two folds, firstly, your teeth become healthy, secondly, it will do the task of making your teeth whiter by removing stains. With Invisalign aligners, you’ll soon have a brand new smile.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in your jaw. Titanium has and continues to be used for several medical procedures since the 1950’s. It is the most biocompatible of all metals and it actually allows human bone growth to adhere to implants so they last longer. See detail teeth implants San Diego.


4. To address your age-specific needs

As we grow older, our need to visit a dentist changes with time. Infants may require a regular dental checkup for the development of teeth and discern any biting problems. Teenagers and adults need to keep up with the expectancy of their fixtures and wave off any potential infections. Aging with osteoporosis is also related to the loss of teeth due to the weakened jaw bone. Therefore, with every age, the reason to reach out to a dental practitioner may be different but is an inevitable measure.

5. To prevent deadly diseases

It is not unusual that your dentist notices discoloration in your tongue and jaw and asks you to get a check for anemia. Likewise, more often than not many difficult to spot fatal diseases come into light during a dental check-up. The unusual mouth conditions such as consistent dry mouth is an early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. A bad odor from your mouth identifies with the body losing its capacity to fight bacteria. From oral cancer to Leukemia multiple diseases impact the oral health of a person. Therefore, resorting to a regular dental checkup can be a blessing in disguise.

Our lifestyle changes make oral health all the more important aspects of our lives. Smoking, drinking and even stress can induce a higher risk of oral health. Frequent snacking in between the meals, partaking aerated drinks are all set to harm our pair of pearly whites. Moreover, common painkillers and medication can cause problems like dry mouth and thus, causing bacteria build-up in the mouth. Whatever the reason might be, our teeth are indeed susceptible to harm and infections. Following a proper oral care routine and frequent visit to the dentist can help us solve our teeth related queries. Experts suggest a bi-annual visit, however, if there is any sign of tooth trouble contact your dentist without a hitch.