Cardboard is a popular product for the production of various goods. In particular, packaging materials, boxes and other similar products are made from it. If it has already been used for its intended purpose, then it becomes garbage, which, when sorted, becomes a certain type of waste paper. Waste cardboard is a valuable secondary raw material, which is known to everyone who has at least once requested occ 11 waste paper price. Enterprises that are engaged in processing activities are interested in its purchase.

Where is cardboard waste generated? Often, companies that are engaged in the wholesale supply of food products face their education. A similar problem arises in a business that conducts retail trade. Stores are stockpiling cartons. As a result, we have to look for solutions related to the disposal of cardboard waste.

By the way, it is important to note that cardboard is a valuable product both before use and after it turns into garbage. It is environmentally friendly. It has high strength. The cardboard is cheap. Not only packaging is made from it, but also various goods that are in demand in the modern market. It comes in different types. But all its types can be recycled and become a material that can be sent back to the production of new goods.

Cardboard can be not only packaging. Printing paper is used in printing. It has visual appeal, better quality, often coated. It is used for the production of promotional products, ranging from booklets to beautiful folders. There is also designer cardboard. This is an expensive material. The highest quality raw materials are used for its production. It is coated, often has an unusual texture. It is dyed in different colors. Designer packaging, catalogs of expensive products are made from it. There is shoe cardboard. It is used to make insoles for shoes and other items.

What to do with cardboard waste

Cardboard waste is to be sorted. Certain varieties have their own specifications. Certain types may contain certain impurities. Grading is registered in special catalogs that are used on different continents. So, there is an ISRI directory. It is used in North America. There is also a European catalog of varieties, it is called CEPI. Asia also has its own catalog that sets the grade of cardboard waste.
All grades of cardboard waste are in demand in the market associated with the processing industry. Purchases and deliveries of certain grades of used cardboard are being carried out. They pay good money for it. If a company wants to sell cardboard waste, it is worth considering how to enter this market. However, not everything is so simple in practice. Not every company that wants to sell waste paper has the opportunity to independently establish cooperation.

In this case, the easy way out is to contact a waste broker. These are companies that carry out special activities in the market where purchases and supplies of waste paper are carried out. They help interested businesses sell as well as buy sorted office waste and other grades, including those made up of cardboard. Partnering with them is not only a real benefit. In this way, you can improve your reputation. The reputation is improved due to the fact that the seller company, by its desire to sell waste paper, makes a significant contribution to improving the environmental situation.