When you travel by air, it may appear strenuous at times. It is easy to behave anyhow on the land. However, it may not be on the plane. While there are obvious don’ts on the plane, some behaviors are still not ideal but many of us do not know.

In this wise, there are things you should not do on the play.

1. Do Not Sit For Long

For the fact that the blood doesn’t circulate while you sit for long, the same happens while you are on a plane. The journey may take a long time, making your blood circulation is slower.

What you can do to avoid this is a workaround in the cabin or stand up for a while. Avoid too tight a cloth, which makes movement easy.

You can also off your shoes during flight but do not work around shoeless due to the condition of the cabin. Instead, place your feet on the shoes. You can also take some simple exercises like lifting your thighs and your arms repeatedly.

2. Shun Alcohol Abuse

Avoid taking alcohol on the plane. This is for so many reasons in which one of it that plane increases dehydration because it contains dry air. Another is that alcohol makes blood oxygen saturation weaker, which results into lethargy and stupor.

Different opinions indicate that consuming alcohol in the plane results into easy drunkenness; this makes it advisable that consuming it is not advisable. If you cannot shun it completely, take it at a minimum.

3. Avoid Consuming Contaminated Foods.

Talking about sterilization, the plane falls short of these important processes. Nearly all part of the plane may contain one or two contamination because it has been used by different persons both healthy and unhealthy. When food falls on the floor or on your food tray, don’t eat it again. The tray and the flour are contaminated and might not have been sterilized for a long time. So, when food falls on this tray or on the floor, please do not take it. On any part of the plane where you food falls, do not consume again.

4. Be Careful Of What You Touch and Operate

The plane has different compartments, with different buttons. If you do not understand the functions of a button, call the attention of those who know. Aside from that you may disrupt the functions, you stand the risk of affecting those within.

Touch with caution, and do not lean on things carelessly but with caution.

When next you are going by plane, please take these important flight hacks with you. When you do, be rest assured that your health is been taken care of.