Halong Bay is the top tourism destination in Vietnam. It attracts a thousand of tourists per year including domestic and foreign tourists. If you want to explore the place, you should refer the post.

1. Spend at least 2 nights in the Bay

If you spend 1 day to travel to Halong Bay, you visit some places around the Bay only. Almost tourists will flight to Hanoi and then book tour or visit Halong from here, from Hanoi to Halong, you’ll spend at least 4 hours to transfer by public bus or shuttle. Of course, you can rent or book a seaplane to transfer which is the fastest way (about 45 minutes from Noi Bai airport) but it’s very expensive about US$275/way. Therefore, if you want to explore the natural beauty and enjoy the interesting activities in there, you should stay 2 nights or more to travelling. Furthermore, Halong Bay in the night is so wonderful and outstanding experiences with tourist when you visit and get dinner on the cave of the Bay.

2. Cat Ba Island- “must-see” destination

It’s one of a reason why you should stay Halong Bay 2 nights, you don’t miss out Cat Ba island when travelling the Bay. Visiting Cat Ba island, you’ll have difference feeling with the other places of Halong Bay. Definitely, you will have the relaxing time in the fresh and quiet atmosphere in there. If you don’t want to walk around the island, you can rent a motorbike to travel and soak up the romantic afternoon on the beachside.

3. Know about the safety information on the boat

Halong Bay cruise is “must-activity” when travelling the Bay. It’s fantastic experiences for tourists but it still has dangerous. Hence, before booking the cruise, you should learn about the safety information on the cruise such as hammer exists on the side of the bed, emergency exit as well as life jacket which help you so much when having trouble on the cruise. Besides, finding out about the safety information, choosing cruise is an important thing to safe. You should choose the reputable cruise agency on Tripadvisor or Vietnam Tour Booking, Halong Bay Tours… before you decide.

Moreover, when joining kayaking activity, you should do follow the guide, who study about the way to play the activity, you should not do it yourself or change the guiding.

4. Climbing

If you love adventure tour, you should join climbing activity in the Bay. When you stand on the top of the mountain and look down, you’ll get the high feeling like the King. You’ll soak up the natural beauty of Halong Bay’s landscape and the best place for the selfie. Bai Tu Long and Cat Ba Island are the best places for the activity.

5. Taking with the tour guide

Almost tour guide in Halong bay speaks English so well. It’s good chance for you to learn more about culture and lifestyle of Vietnamese people in general and Halong people in particular. In addition, talking with tour guide during the trip will make you become a friendly person and can make friendship with local people which is advantage thing for the trip later in Vietnam.