Sibling fights are not new. Every sibling has their share of quarrels and squabbles. But that doesn’t imply that they love each other any less. Even when siblings fight, there are reflections of love and compassion. Sometimes the fight may turn out to be ugly or you may be in the need to make amends with your siblings. If you have a sibling; you can relate to this. A plain sorry would not do, you would need to think out of the box to please your sibling. Here are the proven methods that would work in your favour too.

Treat Your Sibling’s Stomach:

After a fight, the only way you can be forgiven is when you please your sibling’s stomach. This will surely work if he/she is a foodie. An empty stomach can make his/her temperament soar to new heights if you say or do something silly. Don’t take any chances. Cook or order something for your sibling. Do not order what you like but what he or she likes. If you can cook, please do as your efforts will melt the heart. And, in such cases, you let your sibling have the last slice of the pizza, the last bite of the maggie, the leftover bar of chocolate in the fridge.

Let Your Sibling Watch/Play:

Remote fights or fights over toys are very common. Toys, PlayStations, Television remotes are the main root cause of sibling rivalry. They can’t see eye-to-eye on this matter. But, when you feel things have blown out of proportion; you can always take a step back. In case you have troubled your sibling way too much, then also be the big-hearted person and let him/her watch and play. Sit with your sibling and take interest in his/her likes. Watch and play together; you will feel nice and connected.

Leave Your Sibling Alone for A While:

After an argument or conflict of thoughts, we want to be alone to process the thoughts. Your sibling needs that time too. Do not pester him/her with your talks and actions. Set your sibling free for a while. Once the temperature is back to normalcy; you can sort out things between you two.

Pamper Your Sibling with Gifts:

Gifting can be a way of you apologizing to your sibling. A gift can make wrongs go right. You can give any token to your sibling as per his/her likes and tastes. But, we would recommend a personalised gift. It is because the sentiments will be felt by your sibling only with this gift choice. A personalised photo frame or cushion with you and your sibling hugging each other will surely melt the hearts and put an end to all the fights. You can order personalized photo frames online and even cushions.

Be Nice to Your Sibling:

Disagreements do happen between siblings and none of you can escape them. After heated moments, you both feel the aftermath of it in some way or the other. Your mood gets affected, your sibling may not eat properly, etc. So, be nice to your sibling. In fact, be nice to each other. Talk politely, try to have a good conversation, laugh together, and most importantly hug each other. You both will feel a lot better.  A sibling relationship is the most unique yet beautiful of all. They fight but cannot live without each other. That’s the beauty that makes each one of us thank God for a sibling in life. After minor/major fights patch up with each other in these ways or make your sibling smile by way of these gestures.