United Arab Emirate’s hot holiday spot, Dubai. High rise buildings and glitzy shopping malls are all a transformed version of the old desert that Dubai was. Apart from being a foreign distraction, who would have think of it like the big tourist hub that it is today. Dubai comes in your mind when we talk about a full flash vacation spot. From indoor ski slopes to the world’s largest buildings. Dubai have it all.

But apart from the city’s mainstream highlights, there things to explore that rarely got any attention from the tourists. Where there are many more options for glamorous events, there are more than enough options to sight see a subtle mixed and hybrid culture of Dubai. Which is rare but there.

1. Burj Khalifa

You can’t ignore the landmarks even if you’re planning to go for the indie culture itself. Burj Khalif, is not something you should ignore. For most of the people that came to visit Dubai, all they have in their imagination is the clear edge picture of Burj Khalifa. Which is why we wouldn’t restrict you from the sightseeing of Dubai’s pride.

Completed in 2010, Burj Khalifa’s high speed elevators will take you to the top for a 360 degree sky view of the city. However, night time photography are more demandable by tourists and photographers. Nothing compares to the beauty of High-aced buildings and the amazing light works that have been done for the show.

2. Dubai Mall

If someone ask you about the shopping experience in Dubai. Dubai Shopping Festival in January and February will be the first thing to come in our mind. Also the Dubai Summer Surprises festival is also one remarkable thing to talk about. But all of this happens in one conjoint space and that is the spacious Dubai Mall. Which not only provide entry for Burj Khalifa but also for Dubai Aquarium. Every entertaining options from ice-skating to gaming zone even cinema, you will be able to find it all there.

Location: Doha Road, just off Sheikh Zayed Road

3. Dubai Museum

This might sound a little nerd, but you have to visit the city’s museum if you wanna experience it all. Housed in Al-Fahidi Fort, Dubai’s amazing museum was initially produced to defend Dubai Creek. Held together with lime, fort’s wall are built out of traditional coral-blocks. In the history, the fort’s was home for the royals and ministries, which is now the premier museum of the city

4. Bastakia (Old Dubai)

The wealthy Persian merchants of the late 19th century, came to Dubia due to the tax-free trading and access to Dubai creek. These wealthy merchants dealt with mainly in textiles and pearls. The Bastakia Quarter also known as Al-Fahidi neighborhood was initially build by them and for them. Occupying the eastern portion of Dubai and creek, the coral and limestone constructions are all well-preserved. Transplanting the common Iranian architecture into the gulf country. And to experience this all, you only have to get linked to a worthy Yacht rental Dubai service or tourism groups.

5. Deira

Lies on the northern bank of Dubai creek and along with the windy streets of un-pardon Dubai. Deira is the ultimate melting pot of Dubai that blends in the perfect combination of different backgrounds and nationalities that now call Dubai, “Home”. Form a traveler’s perspective, Deira is popular for its culturally styled and decorated markets. However the Diera gold Souk is the world famous largest gold bazaar in the world. But apart from gold Deira is amazingly sufficient as spice market as well

6. Dubai Opera

In need of some classy good old touch, for your night life? Well Dubai Opera is the place for you to must go. Inaugurated in the mid of 2016, this new tourist attraction and also the lime of elegant nightlife, lies as a center piece in downtown Dubai. From ballet, classical music, musical theaters, world class concerts to a little smaller productions like comedy nights and indie concerts. Dubai Opera, do it all. One of Dubai’s new landmarks, with its highly competent contemporary steel walls and glass that juts out in front of the water front that are built to manipulate the traditional curves of a dhow. Containing 2000-seat and eventually can hold up the same amount of numbered guests. Dubai Opera’s architecture could be called a mastery of manipulation as it resembles to what represents the desert life trade mark, that too very beautifully.

Even though we talk about the big buildings and Yachts that Dubai tourism offers. Many tourist companies like Mala, Malayachts and Easyyacht are there to provide you with more culturally appropriate places and sights. It is true when we say, that Dubai itself is man-built and therefore the lack of culture will shudder on the streets of city, but even not having an years old culture does not mean it’s bland.