All great things begin with a VISION… a dream.” – Estée Lauder

AHMAD ZOHADI, a man with a vision to introduce leadership and substance for all architectural undertakings around the world articulates the phrase pretty well.

Talented, intellectual and out of the ordinary! The Iranian researcher, managing editor, a professional photographer, and scholar, Ahmad Zohadi is the brilliant Founder and CEO of 2A (Architecture & Art) magazine. He is not just the CEO of 2A magazine; but also the coordinator of more than a few architectural awards, workshops, competitions and meetings.

Ahmad Zohadi is all over the architectural world! He is an Architectural scholar and specialist who laid stress on all the extents of history, art, tradition, and conviction on architecture. Furthermore, he has worked as a film producer of cultural, social and architectural documentaries as well.

2A (Architecture & Art) Magazine

To institute a leadership foundation for the architectural and art industry, Ahmad Zohadi launched an initiative in the form of 2A (Architecture & Art) magazine. Besides being the CEO and Editor-in-chief of the commendable magazine, Ahmad Zohadi is the Head of its Organizing Committee.

Right after its inauguration in Dubai in the year 2005, the magazine has made its mark all over the Asian and European countries. From the time of its launch, the magazine is taking pleasure in its vast readership, thanks to the dedicated, international audience. By concentrating on the elegant image of architecture, the magazine tries to support and recreate the importance of considering artistic exceptionality.

The official base of the magazine is present in Tehran. And the journal publishes articles that take account of the local structural designs in Asian and European provinces. All the same, it sustains and restores the artistic originality of regional architecture.

Besides publishing helpful articles, the 2A (Architecture & Art) magazine is accountable for organizing regular events. Out of all the events it hosts, the 2A Continental Architectural Award is worth stating for its general objective.

2A Awards: Uplifting International Architecture

2A Architecture Award takes place once a year to celebrate local and international accomplishments in architecture. It is an acute effort to identify and tribute architects who are involved in producing and designing striking structures in Asia and Europe.

They pronounce a particular theme by the year and organize the content of the event given that. 2ACAA expresses and conveys the following features of the modern architecture around the globe:

· Theoretic ideas of culture, values, history, customs, economics, and other social aspects

· Concepts concerning several origins

· Conceptualizations

· Aesthetic and artistic standards

· Modern life and technology

· Sustainability

These Awards are a noble effort to offer the exclusive appreciation to the complete group of architects. The objective of the 2A Architecture Award is to avoid any loss of traditional individuality in the arena of architecture and design.

2A: Influencing the life of Architects around the world

The purpose of 2A behind investing in the 2A Architectural Awards is setting a landmark and bringing all the striving artists and architects in a common platform. This way, Ahmad Zohadi makes an effort to provide a fair chance to all the artists and architects and let them act together.

Appreciations to the 2A Awards, the magazine efficiently deepens concord, affection, and unity among some persons from different areas of the world. Architects compete every year for the prominent architecture awards that could prove far more helpful to their effort. This way, the architects may attain a greater audience and consideration to their work.

The Bottom-line

Through and through, the 2A claims to honour the creditable architects and artists whose built work establishes a blend of commitment, talent, and vision. They entitle to respect artists who have produced positive and noteworthy contributions to the structural design using the art of architecture.