Imagine a bunch of baby turtles flopping their way to the sea and at the same time leaving the white sand of the beach behind. They miraculously return after some years to the place of their birth. For many people, watching these sea animals hatch is such a unique experience.

However, owing to the industry, poaching practices, global warming, and water pollution as well as the consumption of their meat, sea turtles have become an endangered species. Sadly, of 5000, only 1 turtles will reach adulthood.

You are free to plan your trip to watch sea baby turtles hatching, but there’s no guarantee that you will witness something like that. It ‘s hard to determine when they are going to hatch. Not even the conservationists can guess that moment. However, if you join a project associated with turtle conservation, the chances to see turtles hatching increase a lot.

Remember that you shouldn’t look for turtles without a tourist guide. You should never grab your cam to take flash photos or any shining light on them. During the nesting period, mothers get disturbed very easily. Give turtles their space to avoid problems.

1. Palau Tioman

The situation of the turtles here has been dire for years, especially on an island called Pulau Tioman. However, there have been volunteers that have currently done a good job since they have made the number of turtles increases in this paradisiacal place. So far, this team has promoted education and research in the surrounding communities. The fight continues because the habitat of these animals is constantly in danger due to the construction of more buildings.

You can reach there by ferry from Singapore and Johor Bahru. The Juara Turtle Protect is the organization in charge of these tours to watch sea turtles hatching from March to October.

2. Tortuguero National Park

The name of this area is the region of turtles in Spanish. Once you hear this name, you already know that this is the right place to see a baby turtles hatch. It is 80 km north of a Port of Limon, and it is the one the most important sites to see this natural event. Three species of turtles dwell in this place: hawksbill, loggerhead, and giant leatherback.

The Sea Turtle Conservancy group is in charge of the tour. The group offers this service on the Pacific side of Costa Rica as well from October to February.

3. Kosgoda, Sri Lanka

Green sea turtles are considered the most numerous species of Sri Lanka’s beaches. Despite the fact that they are the most common species here, it is hard to see them hatch here because of their dwindling numbers.

The Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project has been working hard in favor of the protection of these turtles, especially after the devastating tsunami in 2004. Turtles hatch from November to May, but hatches are a rare find.

4. Greece and the Greek

In these areas, turtles are not in danger, but the development of human population is likely to threaten turtles very soon. In Greece, you can join a volunteering team to see baby turtles hatch.

One of the organizations that protect turtles in Greece is Archelon. They have made sure that the population of turtles doesn’t decrease in spite of the growth of the tourist industry here. It is possible to see hatching from August to October.