I highly recommend Inca Jungle Company! Our trip was early August and the weather was perfect for the trip at this time of year. My partner and I had the most fantastic 4D/3N jungle trek. We had 2 guides both called Erick and Emerson for our group of 12 who were brilliant, so friendly and very knowledge able. On the first day we did the mountain biking for 3 hours, all down hill starting at 4000m. We started above the clouds and descended into the higher Amazon! Incredible! The suspensión bikes and safety gear was good. Wear rived at our a commotion for the first night, which was more tan basic. It was a small gated hotel with a pool, prívate room and bath room. Towels were included at all of the hotels. We had a lovely evening getting to know our guides and group at dinner and when playing cards by the side of the pool. I would recommend doing the White water rafting (day 1) and zip line (day 3) at an extra cost.

Day 2 was a stunning walk through the higher Amazon (takelots of insectrepellant!) and along part of the Inca Trail where Erick explaine dalla boutthe Incas, fruit and coca plantations. Along the way westopped for breaks with the locals and Erick continued to explain a boutthe local vegetation, including coffee and cocoa beans. Weeven got to taste 100% cocoa and Inca tequila and buy local products. Day 2 ended at a natural out door spring, which wasone of the high lights of the trip forus. Pisco sours and warm natural pools, surrounded by the Andes Mountains. Bliss! Our guide ssatminding our belongings for the 2 hours were there and towels were provided. Watche dthesungodown from the warm pool and the Andes Mountains becomes ilhouettes, highlight edbythe moon. Unforgettable. Oursecond night was at another hotel, again prívate room and bath room. Colds hower butt hatdidn’tbotherus.

The morning of day 3 was spentziplining and wen tupside downonone of thelines! Lunch was at a lovely secluded place with hammocks. My partner and some of the group played a game of foot ball under Machu Picchu, which washig haboveus. Then walke dalong the train track to Aguas Calientes, where wes pentour 3rd night in a lovely hotel. Food through out the trip was beyondexpectation with 3-4 courses for lunch and dinner. Bu ton the 3rd night the food wasincredible. A lovely 3 course meal from a set menú with our group.

Day 4 was our walk to Machu Picchu! Another highlight for obvious reasons. We were provided with breakfast the night be fore for the morning. We met some of our group at 4am and walked 30 minutes to the gates at the bottom of Machu Picchu, which opened at 5am. We met our group at 6am at the top. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the sunrise as it was very misty, but I would recommend the walk up, some of our group took the bus. Once in side Machu Picchu our guides spent a few hours with us, giving us a tour which was spectacular. Erick was so passionate about his job and the Incas. We were sad to say good bye to bot hour guides and most of the group, but hope to see some of them again. We then had the rest of the day to explore and we climbed Machu Picchu Montana (about 1 and half hours up and 1 hour down) later on, which Inca Jungle Trek Company booked for us after we enquired about it.

Huayna Picchu was another option, both over look Machu Picchu.

Beingthatit was my very first time in Peru and first time visiting to Machu Picchu, I was excited and nervous for this jam-packed and seeminglyg rueling 4 day trekthrough the Inca jungle. I have to say, over all Inca JungleTrek Company didanamazing job with their locations, restaurants stops, and choices of food!

What made my trip extra meaningful however was our tour guide, Erick, who not only guide dust through the jungles of the old Inca trail, but gave our group aninsight in to the old Quechua culture and what it truly meant to him and the people of Peru. It was fascin a ting hear in ghim talk so passionately about this cultures, the Quechua people, and about life in general, and were allygrew to have a new foundres pect for the over all history and significant of all of Machu Picchu and Peru.

If you had to do one Machu Picchu expe dition, I would highly recommend the sone and try and ask for Erick to be your tour guide. You won’tregretit. Notonlydid he go the extra mile for us when one of our members losthi scell phone, but it shis way of connecting with you that will leave a lasting impression for ever. It’ll be hard to not shed some tears when you have to say your good bye son the final day of the trip.