Hair loss has been a major problem for people around the world. Because not does your hair refuse to stay attached to your scalp, but you also experience some negative impacts from both social and personal factors.

For example, many people have mentioned how being bald has led to them getting rejected from marriage proposals, job opportunities, which has significantly impacted their self-confidence- depleting it to the point that they no longer appreciate themselves.

And unfortunately, hair remedy isn’t for everyone. There are so many natural and surgical solutions for hair loss on the internet- and one ends up considering themselves lucky if one of those methods actually ends up working for them. For years now, many people have dealt with no positive results from hair fall therapies- so naturally, we can imagine that many disappointed people are suffering from hair loss who are losing hope in ever getting back their luscious hair once again.

But not all is lost just yet. Dr. Rinky Kapoor, an Indian dermatologist, author, educator, and entrepreneur, is one of the most highly acclaimed skin doctors of her time. She is also one of the few individuals who has noticed the massive negative impacts of hair loss being experienced by most of the population around the world and has been determined to turn the tables on this dilemma. Dr Kapoor is the co founder of the chain of cosmetic clinics called The Esthetic Clinics, which are a chain of top class Dermatology and Plastic surgery centers located all over India.

Consequently, this mindset eventually led to her immense contribution to the creation of the ‘QR678’-a solution for hair problems that have actually shown a massive amount of improvement on a worldwide scale.

One of the most revolutionary inventions in dermatology and cosmetology, the QR678 serves as an excellent hair growth treatment for baldness and alopecia. And because of its successful attempts at curing hair loss problems, it has been awarded the US Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

QR678 Treatment Procedure

The molecular structure and composition of the QR678 is exactly what has made it stand apart from the rest of its hair solution counterparts. Dr. Rinky Kapoor has gone into great detail about how its procedure works so that her patients are well aware of why this hair loss cure isn’t anything like their past failed treatment attempts.

The process involves several developments at every phase. The hair follicles are taken care of via the interactions between the dermis and epidermis, which causes them to go through a number of phases involving anagen, catagen, and telogen.

For the cyclic development of the hair, the hair root factors existing in the dermis start acting as inducting indicators, which are picked up by stem cells in the hair follicles and produce a down growth within the dermis in order to create the hair shaft. The capillaries surrounding its base serve as a source of nutrients such as vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, which are essential to ensure the correct functioning of the process.

Consequently, this increases the pace at which cell division takes place, leading to quick cell expansion caused by the inducing signals, which are the growth factors concocted within the contents of ‘QR678.’

After the QR678 treatment was created, it went through a series of trial tests, which spanned over a couple of years until it reached more than 90% of effective results that have successfully led to hair loss treatment.

The QR 678 has an USA patent and patents in multiple other parts of the world and also has FDA approval in multiple countries. Clinical trials have proven 300% greater efficacy than existing hair treatments like PRP. The QR 678 is clearly a revolution which has transformed hair growth globally and is consistently rated amongst the greatest inventions for hair growth in the 21st century.