Whether you plan to upgrade your house for better value in the market or your convenience, kitchen remodelling takes time and effort. With suburbs like Avalon and Beacon Hill being prime spots for real estate investment, kitchen renovations in Northern Beaches are at an all-time high.

Even if you have a clear vision of the kitchen design and a sufficient budget, numerous pitfalls can ruin your kitchen remodelling dreams. This list will help you stay clear of the most common traps homeowners walk into while renovating.

#1 DIY All The Way

When you have the time and necessary skills, it is possible to renovate an entire kitchen on your own. Especially if you are sticking to surface renovations such as installing cabinets or replacing wall tiles. However, if you are someone who starts projects and abandons them halfway, then it is better that you don’t start with your kitchen. As much as DIY renovations mean big savings, hiring professionals to complete the remains of your project can cost you heavily.

In addition, if you tore down your entire kitchen and have to hook up the sink to plumbing or link power to the lights, it is better to have a licensed professional do them. When you DIY the tasks that require licences or have to follow a legal code, in case anything goes wrong, the damages won’t be covered.

#2 The Wrong Professionals 

While renovating in one of Sydney’s best suburbs, it is easy to meet professionals who emphasise the kitchen’s visual appeal. Sometimes, professionals who are new to the industry may have a basic idea of how a remodelling job should go but cannot incorporate the client’s ideas and plans into this basic framework. When you hire professionals like this to do the job, the results will be disastrous. 

You need professionals who know what they are doing, quote the justified price, and deliver the best results in the specified period. Even trying to replace a professional’s vision with your own can spell doom for the renovation project.

#3 Style First

It is okay to get a little excited about remodelling, especially if it’s the first time you are doing kitchen renovations at your home. However, you need to keep your priorities straight and pick functionality over style. Sure, kitchens have progressed past being a place meant for cooking alone, but this does not mean they have to be all for optics.

The basic kitchen work triangle must be incorporated into the design. Look for ways in which you can improve the storage space in the kitchen. Also, make sure that you only include appliances you are sure to use. For instance, if you rely on takeouts and microwaved meals, you don’t need a full-blown oven/grilling system.  

#4 Alterations Midway

What can go more wrong with kitchen renovations in Northern Beach than changing the plans halfway? Once you and your contractor have made progress in the project, try to stick with it until the end. Changing plans or adding new ideas to the mix can increase your expenses. The best way to approach kitchen remodelling is by fixing a plan first and then waiting for a few days before starting the prep to ensure that you have no more suggestions. In conclusion, kitchen remodelling can range from having a flat pack delivery from Warringah Mall to importing marble countertops from Italy. The key is to pick what suits you and make it work smoothly.