5 DIY Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Home is your personal slice of paradise. No matter where you go or how much you travel, by the end of the day, you want to come back to the warmth and protection of your home.

If you are tired and bored of the old look of your home and don’t have enough budget to hire professionals for remodeling or renovation, then it is suggested that you breathe new life into your home yourself. You can get plenty of ideas on the internet about easy DIY ways. One of which is the stucco system. If you want to protect your walls from harsh weather condition then hire experts for stucco system in Salt Lake City UT or DIY it yourself.

Mentioned below are 5 DIY ideas that can transform the entire look of your home.

1. Exterior Paint

By painting the exterior walls of your house, your premises will look new, bright and spotlessly clean. Nowadays, there are many DIY painting exterior walls videos are available on the internet. Try to watch as many videos as you can and then start with the painting project.

House exterior is the first thing that any onlooker, potential buyer, passerby or guest notice. If it is not properly maintained then it may put a bad impression on them. By giving your exterior fresh coat of paint, you can magically transform the whole look of your house. Choose a totally different color than your previous exterior walls color. For instance, if you have pale grey wall color with rust roof, then this goes in shades of white. Buy premium quality satin finish white paint color and have an opposite contrasting color for your roof. If you have stucco house and your stucco is chipped or falling off, then it is advised to hire services of Stucco System Repair Companies in order to get it fixed.

2. Update Landscape

No doubt a beautiful landscape can change the entire look of your home. You must trim your trees, cut its overgrown limbs and plant new flowers in your lawn, front yard and back yard. Nowadays, people invest in their landscape to increase the curb appeal and worth of their home. You can also do the same by polishing or painting your old furniture which you have kept in the attic. Place those chairs and table in your lawn. Add an umbrella to shield from harsh winds or glaring hot sun whilst you enjoy your breakfast or evening tea.

Plant new shrubs along with the driveways of your home. Also, nowadays you can find many plastic or plaster of Paris animals to place in your lawn like beautiful flamingos.

3. Kitchen Makeover

Give your kitchen a makeover by making a small kitchen table or island using barrel. You can purchase one easily from any thrift or home remodeling shop. By watching DIY videos, polish it and add a marble top on it. You can even paint one wall of the kitchen in a bright color to make it the focal point of your kitchen. You can even hang a big blackboard on one wall of your kitchen and writethe menu of the day on it.

4. Bathroom Makeover

If you are tired of the old look of your bathroom, then try to give it an elegant makeover. Update your lighting fixtures, go to any hardware store and find latest, trendy lighting fixtures. Also, if you have an old dressing table rotting in your attic, then spray paint it in a bright color, that is in complete contrast to your bathroom theme. Cut a hole in it and fix your sink in it. Add a new towel rack and paint an empty mason jar and use it to keep your toothbrushes and toothpaste in it. Polish and scrub your tiles and give a fresh coat of paint to your bathroom walls. Also, try to clean your caulk and grout lines to breathe fresh air in your bathroom. If the walls of your bathroom are stucco plastered and it’s tearing off, then it is suggested to hire best stucco system repair companies in Salt Lake City UT at nominal rates.

5. Lighting Fixtures

You will be astounded to know how much different your house will look by simply updating the lighting fixtures. If you have dimly lit foyer, then add a small, elegant looking modern chandelier or false ceiling with multiple energy savers. Add a decorative lamp on console placed in your hallway. Try to install as many dimmer switches throughout your house. Also, ensure that every room in your house has a light connected to dimming wall switch.

Final Word

These simple five DIY ideas are not only cheap but have the power to completely transform the whole look of your home.


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