Australia has relatively pleasant weather all year. While the climate in the country varies per state and territory, you will mostly enjoy sunny temperatures during summer and spring and tolerable cold months during autumn and winter. It is the perfect weather to install wooden window treatments for the home. Many people consider plantation shutters in Australia to make the house look more elegant and welcoming. 

While plantation shutters are usually robust and durable, they may still need regular maintenance to help them work efficiently. You may also need to exert some effort to keep the stylish look of your window treatments. Here are several ways to maintain your plantation shutters to keep them looking great at all times. 

1: Dust Regularly 

One of the fastest and most convenient ways to ensure that your plantation shutters remain clean at all times is to prevent them from gathering dust. Australian cities like Sydney and other parts of New South Wales experience dust storms due to thunderstorms and wildfires, causing dust buildups frequently. This buildup may solidify onto the slats over time if not removed regularly. 

You may use a cleaning glove, duster, microfibre cloth, or other types of soft cloth to wipe the plantation shutters at least once a week. You may also wipe these slats each time you notice dust accumulation. It is also essential to include the hinges and other parts of the windows when dusting.  

2: Pick a Safe Cleaner 

Even if you schedule your dusting regularly, you must consider deep cleaning your plantation shutters in Australia at least once a month. It will ensure that all the deep-seated dirt and grime will come off. However, the cleaners you need to use mainly depend on the materials used when making the shutters. 

For wooden slats, you must look for gentle cleaners like mild detergents. You must also ensure that the soft cloth or sponge used to wipe the shutters is not soaking wet to prevent excess water from seeping in and making the material swell. You can also look for special wood cleaners for this purpose. 

3: Tighten or Loosen the Louvers 

If you notice that the louvres are already floppy and challenging to keep in your desired position or too tight to tilt, you need to adjust them right away. 

You may need to use a Phillips head screwdriver to adjust the tension screw located on both sides of the shutter panel. It may require a slight turn to the right to tighten the louvres or a slight bend to the left to loosen it. 

4: Repair Paint Scratches 

If the paint of your plantation shutters is accidentally chipped or scratched, you may use a small foam brush to touch up the paint. It will make the shutters look more pleasant and new all the time.  

5: Call for Regular Checkup 

Proper maintenance of your plantation shutters also requires regular services from professionals. You can call the experts if you notice the following signs: 

  • Damaged of broken louvres 
  • Sticking staples
  • Panels refusing to open or close properly
  • Dysfunctional sliders 

The experts will assess these problems and do the necessary repairs when needed. 

Having plantation shutters can make Australian homes look stylish and elegant. You only need to ensure that you keep your window treatments in their prime condition to enjoy their benefits for a long time.