Awareness about carpet steam cleaning and Techniques of steam cleaning

Some homeowners try to clean their carpets on their own by renting the machines, but you should know that there is a lot of difference in cleaning the carpets yourself and using the services of professional Carpet steam cleaning companies. The professionals would follow the standard steam cleaning process and make sure that your carpet lasts long. We are going to discuss general information which would increase the awareness about the professional steam cleaning of carpets.

What do professionals do?

The professionals are trained for this particular job; they have more expertise and use advanced carpet steam cleaner equipment’s. You cannot rent out all these equipment, therefore use these professional steam cleaning services. 

The professionals also understand how to handle carpets of different types, and for example, they understand which detergents are needed for the tough stain or how to wash the fabrics which are sensitive.

The people cleaning these carpets at home mostly rent the equipment from the local hardware stores, but all the tools are not available on these hardware stores; for example, you cannot rent the UV lights from the store for spotting the stains of pets. Some other equipment needed for the extraction of the hot water is also not available on the hardware stores. 

Techniques of steam cleaning 

The cleaning experts recommend the carpet steam cleaning Melbourne services; it is actually a type of hot water extraction which thoroughly cleans the carpets. The name shows that steam is involved in the process, but actually, hot water is pumped using the hose system, which is powerful and can remove the dirt from the carpet. 

The technicians, when initiating the cleaning process, pre-condition the carpets with the help of special solutions, which helps in flushing out the dirt. Carpets are also agitated with brushes to increase the effectiveness of these solutions. The technicians spray the carpet with hot water sometimes higher than 200 degrees and rinse the residue and dirt from it. The mixture of the water is then vacuumed; the dirty air is removed out of the home and makes sure that you get a clean carpet that would be dried in a few hours. 

How much it costs

Carpet cleaning is not expensive; generally, carpets of 1,000 square feet are charged something $200 to $300. If you want to add some additional things in it, it would cost you extra, like the cleaning of the stairs, moving the furniture, upholstery cleaning, and odor removal. 

When to clean carpets

Regular cleaning of the carpets is important, but you should look for professional cleaning of the carpet at least once in a year if the condition of the carpet is not good, you should clean it professionally twice in a year. The professional cleaning not only improves its look but also prolong the life of your carpet. The cleaning of the carpets by the professionals usually takes 20 minutes for each room. 

Drying carpet after cleaning 

Drying of the carpet is also a serious problem, when you are cleaning the carpet at home, the drying also becomes difficult, but when carpets are steam cleaned, they only take 2 to 20 hours for complete drying. Don’t walk on the carpet when it is wet, even if you do, use shoe coverings or clean socks. The cleaning process by the professionals is of high quality, which makes sure that no dangerous solvent is left behind. However, you should keep the pets and kids away from the carpet until they are completely dry. If you turn on the ceiling fans, the drying time is significantly reduced, open the windows as well to increase the flow of air in the room. The carpets usually dry in the temperature of 55 to 70 degrees. 

How to maintain your carpets

Maintaining your carpet is easy, clean carpets also ensure that you don’t suffer from health issues due to the dirty carpet. Spills are common on the carpets, dilute them, you can also use a spot remover but make sure that you test these removers on the corners of the carpet. Vacuuming of the carpets is also important, at least once in a week, it would make sure that the dirt is prevented from sinking deep into the carpet. Keep doormats on the doors, place them at the entrance of the home as well, and make sure you remove the shoes or wipe your feet before entering the carpet. 


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