Finding yourself in front of a blocked toilet or an overflowing toilet is never a pleasant situation. Usually, this kind of problem always arises when you least expect it, when it’s time to go to work or pick up the kids from school. You will then quickly find yourself with your feet in the water and the situation will become urgent. Do not panic ! The important thing will be to diagnose your toilet and act accordingly.

Small errors that cause water to rise in the toilet

Clogged toilet:

First of all, in this kind of situation, it is important not to insist on the flush. You will only make the problem worse by flooding your toilet. Now let’s try to find out where the problem is coming from in order to find the most effective solution.

The water backing up in your toilet can be caused by several factors. First, we can find everyday objects that have nothing to do in a toilet. Indeed, it is frequent that a child comes to throw his toy or that the toilet cleaning block falls when we raise the toilet bowl. These objects are, of course, not suitable for the toilet and will then easily create a plug and prevent the flow from occurring in the pipe.

If the object has not gone too deep into your evacuation network, you can retrieve it by hand or with a folded hanger, which will allow you to grab the object. You can refer to the diagram opposite in order to visualize the interior of a WC and to be able to act accordingly.

On the other hand, if it is impossible for you to recover it by hand, we recommend that you use a manual ferret to be able to push the object up to the general column of your building. This tool is usually found in DIY stores, with a price ranging between 30 and 80 €. Unfortunately, if even after using a ferret, the problem persists, it will be necessary to contact a company specializing in sanitation which can solve the problem.

Limestone, a recurring problem

How to unclog toilet when nothing works, pipe full of limestone, Now, if no object is obstructing the pipe, other reasons can cause you to have a backwash in your toilet, in particular the presence of limestone.

Before going any further, it is important to understand: what is limestone? Limestone is made up of minerals like calcium and magnesium. There is a “hardness” index on your water bill, which allows you to know the level of lime present in the water you use on a daily basis.

Over time, the limestone will settle on the walls of your pipes. This will reduce the trickle of water or even retain the toilet paper you use on a daily basis.

To prevent these risks, we recommend regular maintenance of your drainage network. On the other hand, if you are facing a pipe that has a strong presence of limestone, you will have to carry out a complete cleaning. Do not hesitate to consult our page ” Pipe cleaning: how does it work?” To understand how a sanitation specialist goes about removing limescale from your pipes.

Roots in pipes

In some cases, roots may have entered your drainage system. Usually, they seep between the connection of two hoses and function as a plug, blocking the passage of toilet paper. In addition, the roots weaken your pipes and can cause great damage if the situation is not taken care of quickly.

Unfortunately, if you are in the presence of roots, it is best to call a professional. yourproplumber comes with a system specially created for this type of intervention: Root Cut . This solution is a nozzle whose two very fine jets cut the roots at once in order to detach them. Our professionals then remove the pile of roots by hand so as not to create new clutter in the pipe.

Contact sanitation professionals

If you have not been able to fix the problem yourself despite our advice in this article, you can still try to solve it by referring to our article on unclogging the toilet . On the other hand, if nothing works, you can contact a specialized company such as yourproplumber.

It is a company specializing in sanitation. We have more than 20 years of experience in our field and we work in many departments. Whether you are a company or an individual, we are able to provide you with a personalized solution and an irreproachable quality of service. If you would like an unblocking , cleaning or even a camera inspection of your pipes, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the button below.