When it comes to buying a refrigerator in India, you can see many types as a single door and double door. All such fridge sizes come to support the needs of diverse customers.

A single door refrigerator is designed to support the needs of a couple or small families. Similarly, a double door refrigerator is for medium-sized or a large family. As the needs go up, so is the price of a refrigerator and its offered features.

In the same context, the popularity of double door refrigerators has seen a big jump in the Indian market, and there are many reasons for it. In this article, we will see some of the relevant reasons for the popularity of the double door refrigerators.

Reasons customers are buying more double door refrigerators

  1. Double door refrigerators have become affordable now

The entry and presence of many established and new companies in the Indian market has been a blessing for the end-user. An LG refrigerator double door 260 L which was priced Rs.30,000 two years before is now available at around Rs.20,000. It is due to the increase in the competition among the refrigerator manufacturing companies. Its effects could easily be seen in the choice of customers. Now, a buyer can invest just around Rs.5,000 more than a single door fridge and buy a double door fridge.

2. Double door refrigerators are one-time investments

It’s accepted that a single door direct cool fridge is economical to buy, but it may not suffice the needs of your growing family after some years. You will need to get it replaced with a double door fridge anyways. Hence, it is better to invest just once in a Haier refrigerator double door or other brands. This way, you would be able to save as you won’t be spending on a single door fridge and then on a double door fridge.  

3. Double door fridges come with enhanced features

The purchasing of a double door fridge also means getting more features as compared to a single door refrigerator. A double door refrigerator can offer some features such as:

  • More shelves space to keep large vessels and bottles
  • You get 2 doors and a dedicated one for the freezer
  • Best for the family of 3-7 members
  • You can save up to 45/55% power bills by getting a double door fridge with 4 or 5 Star energy ratings       
  • No manual defrosting needed

Overall, a family of 3 or more members buys a Godrej refrigerator double door or any other top brand.

It is because a double door fridge helps them save and avoid spending extra on upgrading from a single door to double door when the needs arise. Thus, it is better to firstly invest in a double door fridge and avoid paying extra.

Save big on double door fridge purchases on easy EMIs

You are now well-versed with some of the quick reasons why buyers or inclined towards purchasing a double door fridge. If you all set to buy the best double door fridge of your choice in the market but don’t want to pay the entire price at once, then there is an easy buying option.

You can opt for the No Cost EMI facility and divide the cost of your any double door fridge over a tenor and pay nothing additional. As a result, you will be able to save as compared to other payment options when you will need to bear other extra charges. Bajaj Finserv EMI Network presents the No Cost EMI facility in India.