They say that architecture is both a business and art. This cannot be truer than in houses. When buying a home, customers are particular in the style of the house that they want. While some home sellers say that style is based on the type of customers you target, most of them are willing to pay a top dollar to get exactly what they want. Here is how architecture affects the value of the house.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary designs are described as modern buildings. They have several straight lines, flat roofs and large windows. These designs look great and sleek and appear to modern, open-minded customers. However, they are also described as homes for the rich. With such a home, you may fail to get customers that are more traditional and a good number of middle-level customers. Fortunately, in the recent past, contemporary homes have gained a lot of publicity. They actually dream homes for most people. Therefore, you are likely to find them priced high depending on the market and specific features of the home in question.


Craftsman is the most popular architecture that you will find around. In simple terms, it is a two-story building, which comes with an embedded garage, a porch and various roof shapes. Some houses are described as craftsman but include other styles. Customers that are strict on the style may not pick such homes. On the other hand, singles and small families may not buy the house due to its size.

On the other hand, customers looking for traditional homes are also likely to consider craftsman homes. Unfortunately, these homes take considerably longer to sell than most contemporary home styles. Sellers have to target the right group to get them moving in the market.

Split-Level Homes

A split-level home is an old-style home, most of which were built sometime back. They have a cookie-cutter design that is now not so popular with the younger generation. One of the reasons they are not beloved of many families is that they are quite hard to renovate. This makes them hard to improve for the sellers and homeowners that need to redesign their living space. Second, they tend to have an extra step at the entrance or a staircase just at the main door, which may pose accessibility problems to people with limited mobility. However, older generations that love traditional homes are more likely to purchase this home than contemporary design.

A combination of the homes makes them sell slower than other home designs. While the cost differs with the location, they may sell as low as 15% of a contemporary house with the same size. For more information about home designs you can visit Carlisle Homes.

Ranch Houses

Ranch houses are popular in the United States, where the design originated, but you will still find them across the world. It is famed for its close-to-ground profile and its extended length. The house also has an open layout. It also incorporates aspects of other styles in its design to create a casual or informal style of living. Modern ranch houses come with varying rooflines, sunken living rooms, extensive outdoor landscaping and cathedral ceilings.

The home appeals to traditionalists, large families and people who love extensive outdoors. On the downside, these homes lack enough natural lighting and modern living spaces. This makes them less desirable for people looking for futuristic living and younger families. As a result, these homes are some of the cheapest in the market when compared with contemporary and craftsman homes if other factors are held constant.


Townhouses are the most common homes in many urban areas. They have a small footprint and many floors. Most of these homes are terraced, with a few of them detached. The home style differs from one area to another but in suburban areas, you may find larger townhouses that at the CBD. Townhouses are fast selling in most places worldwide due to the ease of renovating them and their location. Most of the popular buyers are families living in the city. However, they do not appeal to people who love having their own spaces and extensive lawns.

High-rise and Midrise Homes

Also called apartments in some areas, high-rise and mid-rise homes are tall with several floors where each user purchases one or several of them. They come with a shared space for all the users, as there is little room for everyone. This design is less desirable for families that are looking for some privacy. It is also hard to carry out major repairs on the building, as you are likely to disturb the neighbors. On the other hand, they are more affordable and easier to sell for most real estate agents.

Setting up the price for a home partly depends on the design and the size. Each design attracts a different type of people. If you want to sell your home, We Buy Any Home buys any type of home regardless of its architecture and offers the best price for every property.