Mirrors are used for decoration in both offices and homes. They are a great addition for people who want to create an illusion of more space in different rooms. Decorative wall mirrors can be installed in different positions of the home or office so that it looks much bigger than the actual size. There are many designs of mirrors which could be either framed or frameless. They can be installed in particular patterns which make the home classy and stand out from the traditional decorative designs. When you are looking to use mirrors for decorating your home, you can have a wide choice of designs from fab glass custom cut mirror. There are different ways that you can incorporate large wall mirrors into your space to make it look bigger. This article explores different ideas that you can use to install mirrors in your home or office.

Floor To Ceiling Mirrors

Floor to ceiling mirrors are a common design for modern homes in the 21st century. Depending on the height of the wall in your home, you can have a large wall mirror installed so that there is an illusion of more space created. When the mirror is installed in a strategic position, it reflects n items that are within the space and makes the room appear expanded. This is an interior décor approach that has made many homes to look modernized and attractive. For homeowners who are looking forward to getting their spaces looking bigger than their actual size, they should consider installing floor to ceiling mirrors. When installing the large wall mirrors in your home, you should ensure that you buy ones that have a   high reflective index. They produce better images and make the house look bigger than usual. Also, when selecting the wall to install them on, you can select one that is directly opposite a window. This will help to reflect on the exterior landscape which will not only make the room bigger but also classy.

Entry Porch

An entry porch will always be the first point your visitors see before they enter the living room. The entry porch can be made to look bigger by including large wall mirrors. The mirrors can be installed on all the walls surrounding the porch or on one of the walls, selecting the most appropriate wall to install decorative all mirrors on entry porches of a home requires a lot of care since they are susceptible to wear and tear. When installing them in such a position, you should ensure you get mirrors made from hardened glass. Also, you can use the framed type of mirrors so that there is better protection provided around the mirror. Make a statement for your home by decorating your entry porch with large wall mirrors. The frame of the mirror can be vintage which makes it unique and attractive.

Gallery Glass Wall

 Gallery walls in homes and offices exist so that owners can display different media. The media on display could be artifacts, photos among other items. Decorative wall mirrors can be included on the gallery wall to reflect on the media making space look bigger. When you are using highly reflective mirrors, they can either b rectangular or rounded. The frame should also be thematic in that it makes the gallery wall look unique and attractive. Decorating with a round framed mirror provides you with a lot of space where the media can be hanged in different patterns. However, you should not be limited to using round type mirrors since other designs are convenient and will make your home look classy and modernized. Having a space looking bigger is a decoration technique that is used for modern homes. Also, you can use more than one mirrors which make the gallery wall stand out from the rest in the long run.

Glass ForHallways

Hallways are normally neglected we it comes to decorations. They are overlooked because they are normally hidden within the house and are rarely used. Homeowners might think that since the hallways are not visible to visitors while in the living room, they should not be decorated. However, adding decorative wall mirrors on the hallway walls can be a great addition to expand your home space. Numerous wall mirrors can be installed in the hallway side by side. Following a regular pattern is the best approach as it helps to make space look bigger. The distance between the mirrors in the hallway should not be too big since there is a need to make them look attractive. If you do not want to have several mirrors installed side by side with each other, you can have a single mirror installed horizontally. A horizontal mirror can cover a large space in the hallways making space attractive and an illusion of more space.

Home Glass Bar

A bar within a home is a great addition for individuals who like having fun once in a while. Having refreshments available in a home is more comfortable and classy. When you need to put your dinks on display, you can use frameless wall mirrors to make space look bigger. Since the refreshment drinks are placed on the display cabinets, adding a mirror will reflect them and make space look extended behind the cabinet. The display cabinet should be installed strategically so that when the items are placed on the shelves, they are perfectly reflected. Usually, when finding the perfect mirror for the display cabinets, you should look for ones with a high reflective index. This way, you will have a home bar that looks bigger than it is.

Glass Stairway

Wall mirrors can be handy when being used to decorate the stairway walls. Walls of the stairway can have unique art hanged or wall mirrors installed. The decision on what to use to make your home look classy is all dependent on your choicer of the decorative accessories you have access to. Framed wall mirrors are perfect additions to your stairway walls. The frame should be unique and artistic to make it look attractive and classier. Suing framed mirrors can also be a great idea of reflecting artwork on walls that are behind a stairway. For instance, the framed wall mirror can be installed at the bottom of the stairway to reflect a piece of art that is installed at the top of the stairway. When identifying the best mirror for the stairway, a homeowner should ensure they cover sufficient space on the walls. The decorative mirrors should be of high quality so that it can reflect the images of the art as they are. Fab glass and mirror company provides many designs of framed and frameless mirrors that can be used to decorate your home and make them look spacious than they are. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your modern home, you should consider adding decorative wall mirrors in your stairway.


Bathrooms today should be decorated to create a comfortable, classy environment.  Mirrors in bathrooms can help to make it look bigger and class. With mirrors in the bathroom, you can reflect on other accessories which makes them noticeable and unique. There are many designs that you can incorporate n the bathroom including the frameless and framed mirrors. The frameless mirrors, however, are the best choice for modern bathrooms because they not only make space look bigger but also modernized. If you are looking forward t decorating your bathroom, you should consider the frameless wall mirrors. If your bathroom is spacious enough, you can include a floor to ceiling wall mirror which will be more attractive and will create an illusion of bigger space. Custom cut mirrors can be cut for you to decorate our bathroom.

Finding A Glass Cutting Shop Near Me

Due to the improvement of technology, finding a glass cutting shop near you is not challenging as it would have been in the 20th century. You can utilize the internet and smartphones to lookup for the closest glass cutting shops near you. Custom cut mirrors are more attractive since they are modified to fit into specific spaces. When getting a custom mirror cut for your home decoration, you should ensure you provide precise measurements. This will require you to be accurate in taking the measurements and taking them to the glass cutting shop near you.

Asking For Recommendations

 Many people have had custom mirrors cut for them in glass cutting shops. When you need finding the most reliable glass cutting shops near you, you can ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors. They will be helpful in identifying glass cutters who have provided similar services to them before. Asking for recommendations from friends and people near you can make it easy since they will give you testimonies based on personal experiences. Custom cut mirrors will always do the trick of decorating your home in the long run.