The industrial style is insanely cool, functional and easy to achieve, so it’s ideal for kitting out your bedroom, or your entire home, in a simple yet aesthetically pleasing way. This look is relatively paired back, with strict rules that make the effect super impactful but also very functional. Your bedroom is a place to chill out completely and feel totally at peace, and great design is only going to add to the personal and calming vibe that you want and need in your room. Here’s exactly how to style your bedroom to look perfectly industrial and chic…

Stick to the colour scheme

The industrial style is largely governed by its exact colour palette. The tonal mood is focused on black, silver or steel and warm russet or wood hues, so it is very simple and easy to get right if you stick to it properly. Of course, there is room for other non-invasive features such as translucent glass tones, clean white and greenery accents, however, if you really love the industrial look, you’ll have to keep these to a minimum.

Focus on natural materials

The minimalist colour palette actually gets its tones from the materials that industrial design uses. Natural materials are central to the entire look and are a total must-have if you’re going to style an industrial bedroom. For electrical elements, opt for black iron and metal, choose a large timber bedframe and deep wooden cabinets or dressers. If you want to add some cosiness to the room (it is your bedroom, after all!), grab a large hessian rug or fake hide style to bring some comfort and warmth.

Don’t be afraid to play with proportions

You’ll need to get comfortable with contrasting proportions to put together a truly industrial bedroom. This can take any form you like really! Grab an oversized floor lamp and place it next to a tiny wooden side table, style an oversized artwork next to small clusters of succulents – whatever feels best in your space. Be sure to favour pieces that have a functional aspect to them, for example, a table with wheels as decorative items – this is a cornerstone of industrial style.

Celebrate any pre-existing industrial features

Make sure you showcase any industrial style features that you might be lucky enough to already have in your bedroom! This can include polished wood floors, exposed beams, concrete accents and brick walls. Make a point of celebrating these by directing light towards them, adding contrasting elements to make them pop or by accessorising them with glass, plant or artistic add-ons to enhance their stylistic presence. Please check out Policrete for more information about polished concrete.

Remember to add personality 

Yes, industrial decorating has a lot of rules and you have to have a light hand when it comes to accessorising – but that doesn’t mean that it should feel cold or impersonal! Industrial furniture is great for combining with other aesthetics like bohemian or rustic, so consider doing this if your room is feeling unwelcoming. A Persian rug, gingham print or pops of warm blue will all shift the mood and make it feel more homely. Whatever direction you choose to go, just remember that you need to feel like the room reflects your own unique personality and style.

Ready to get designing? Explore industrial style furniture online or in-store to start your journey towards an amazing bedroom. If you still need some more inspiration, be sure to make yourself a mood board from curated online images so you know the exact look you’re going for!