Success is one typical word, but it is specific to each person working in each industry. While working in the real estate sector necessitates you to remain patient with success, one thing can speed up the progress.

“Industry knowledge is definitely a major contributor to success in the real estate sector. But, the abundance mindset is the first personal tool that you must be leveraging most to gain a competitive edge,” says AleksandrPritsker, one of the top producing realtors in the entire estate of New Jersey.

Aleksandr Pritsker has risen to the top of his game while only being in the industry for five years. This denotes that Pritsker’s abundance mindset has encouraged him to thrive within a fiercely competitive sector in such a brief span. With around $80 million in sold residential volume alone in 2018, Aleksandr Pritsker is praised as the Top 10 RE/Max Realtor in NJ, Top 30 under 30, and is rated as Top 1% in all of NJ for the past three years.

Distinguished by the Expert Network as one of the Top Realtors, Pritsker reveals that a simple mindset can transform a person from rags to riches. “The great aspect of creating an abundance mindset is that it costs you nothing, but can make you produce millions by rapidly accelerating the growth of your real estate endeavors,” he says. “But, obviously, nothing comes for free! The costs of creating an abundance mindset are your efforts and willpower, but the transition from a scarcity mindset will surely change the way you perceive the world overnight,” he adds.

Pritsker explains that the abundance mindset is all about shifting your perception to acknowledge the availability of resources. “Abundance mindset means you are aware that there are more than enough resources for people to relish, not just for me alone, but for everyone else as well. The essence of this mindset is accepting that there is ample time, knowledge, opportunity, and money to be shared by everyone,” he says. And when human praises the abundance of resources, he establishes thoughts in his heads, making it possible to enjoy unlimited success. “In short, with an abundance of resources, comes an abundance of success; this simply is the notion of an abundance mindset,” says Pritsker.

Undoubtedly, real estate is a super competitive sector, where each realtor is always looking to get a hold of the opportunity before anyone else. “Realtors always keep an eagle eye on leads, and swoop them up instantly, grabbing commissions before anyone else could. It will make you believe that there is an abundance of leads for every single realtor out there to devour,” explains Pritsker.

With an abundance mindset establishing root within your conscience, you will never be fretting about losing an opportunity. “The abundance mindset is winning mindset that is unique in its crux. How amazing it is to have faith that opportunities will chase you, making you remain joyous and gratified mentally, empowering you to concentrate on opportunities rather than shortcomings, helping you make most out of your business,” says Pritsker.

Aleksandr Pritsker elucidates that this is similar to the law of attraction: when you think about success, success will make its way in your life, all on your own. “Human brains have been wired to survive, and it makes it super hard to stick with the abundance mindset, but nothing impossible. Just do not let your memories and emotion take a toll on your mindset, making you slip back to scarcity,” he says.

People with a scarcity mindset take everything as a win and lose, ruining their peace. “Such people think that there are only limited resources, and when others take share from it, less is left for them. Abundance mindset annihilates selfishness and makes you celebrate the success and accomplishment of others, “says AleksandrPritsker.

The abundance mindset takes you to a triumphant point because it removes fears of failure out of your life and makes you strengthened to believe that others’ prosperity does not make us a loser but adds to our accomplishments one way or another. “This is all that I have discovered in these few years of my career as a realtor when you seek an abundance mindset, the abundance in success is all what you get,” concludes AleksandrPritsker.