There is no doubt that moving can be an overwhelming affair. There is just so much that needs to be done both before and after the move.

Typically, most of us choose to hire a moving company to do the heavy lifting when we have a move on the cards. Movers can also do the dirty work for you if you opt to go with a full-service moving package that involves the moving crew handling all aspects of the move so you don’t have to.

For example, sourcing moving supplies and materials and doing the actual packing on one end, and unpacking, furniture arrangement, and cleaning on the other.

But even in the case of a full-service move, there’s only so much that movers can do. You see, when moving out of a property or moving to another, there are some aspects that usually call for our attention that we have to sort out as a matter of necessity.

With the exception of new properties that have never been occupied, most properties will usually need some work on one or more fronts. It could be repainting the walls, window/door repair or replacement, roof or ceiling fixing, electrical repairs, dealing with plumbing issues etc.

This is beyond the scope of most interstate or local moving companies and is where a handyman could, uh, come in handy.

Whether it’s before moving out or after moving into a new home or office, handyman services come with a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Hiring a Handyman

For starters, a handyman – providing they’re professionally certified – is an expert who can handle whatever needs handling quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes, we don’t have the time – nor the knowhow – to take on some projects DIY. Some issues like plumbing and roof repair are sensitive and best left to a professional. A handyman can take care of that for you.

As well, hiring handyman services absolves you of the need to hire separate professionals, whether that be electrical, plumbing, or mechanical. This can save you a considerable amount of money (never mind the time) as there’s no need to look for separate specialists.

Plus, most outfits that provide handyman services also include cleaning as part of their service, so they’re a kind of one-stop shop for all your needs pre- or post-move.

For the best service, however, you might want to limit your search only to reputable companies with both the experience and proven track record.

Such providers not only know what they’re doing – ensuring you’re not gambling with any sensitive systems in your home or office – but also their service is typically insured, giving you peace of mind that comes with the assurance that your property and possessions are covered and protected.

Hiring a Handyman before a Move

There are plenty of reasons to hire a handyman before a move.

  • Patching holes – A good handyman should be able to remove any shelves, wall art, pictures, and other wall décor professionally and patch up holes in the walls, leaving them in mint condition.
  • Drywalling – A handyman can repair walls that need more work than just a simple patching job.
  • Repainting – Whether it’s a simple touchup or a full wall repaints, this is a task a handyman can help with before you move out.
  • Furniture disassembly – If your moving package does not cover furniture disassembly (or are probably relocating by yourself) you can count on a handyman to do any furniture disassembly that may be needed, from bed frames to large desks.
  • Plumbing issues – Plumbing is one of the most sensitive aspects of any home. If you’re putting your house on the market, chances are serious buyers will want a home inspection. Avoid the associated steep costs by bringing in a professional handyman for the job.
  • Other inspection issues – Again, a licensed handyman can prove a lifesaver here.
  • Others – Any light carpentry needed, deck and porch repair, debris and junk removal etc.

Hiring a Handyman after a Move

A handyman can also be of immense help when you’re settling in after your move.

  • Furniture assembly – A handyman can do furniture reassembling like putting together bedroom furniture and setting up baby items (e.g. gates and highchairs).
  • Hanging wall art and décor – If you don’t have the proper tools or would rather avoid the hard work, a handyman is capable of handling your wall décor.
  • Hanging curtains and window treatments – Feel like spending hours hanging rails and curtains or prefer paying someone to do it professionally?
  • Installing light fixtures – Some companies providing handyman services have full-fledged electricians, but most handymen should be able to do simple light fixture installs.
  • Caulking – Bring in a handyman to seal any gaps between windows and doors in your new place and make it more energy-efficient.
  • Gutter cleaning – Unless you’re a sworn DIY-er, cleaning gutters isn’t something most of us look forward to. But why do it when you can hire a handyman? You can check out Bax Clean for more information about cleaning gutters.
  • Others – Hanging of shelves and wall frames, laying carpets, connecting equipment, remodeling the space etc.


All this is a lot of work to do by yourself, not to mention you might not be qualified to handle some projects.

You could leave it all to a professional and licensed handyman to sort everything out for you, pre-move or post-move.