Top Dog Training Facilities in Bangkok

If you’re traveling with your dog, Bangkok is a great city for them to explore. It has plenty of parks and green spaces that you can take them for a walk or play in.

There are also some excellent dog training schools in Bangkok. These training centers will teach you how to train your dog and create a happier relationship between you and them.

Camp K-9 Bangkok

Camp K-9 Bangkok is a canine behavior modification, boarding and training facility that provides dog owners with a wide range of services. They provide obedience training, resolving fear and aggression problems, companion protection training and professional courses for dog trainers and military and police working dogs handlers. They also offer group classes and private lessons. Their lead trainer, Nofo Lilo, has over 11 years of experience in the United States Air Force and four years as a personal trainer. She uses a combination of methods and techniques to help owners train their dogs in a way that is fun and effective.

Kamp K-9 Bangkok offers two training programs based on the owner’s needs and desires: Day Training and Board and Train. The day training program is designed for owners who are committed to extending the training process to their home environment, while the Board and Train Obedience Boot Camp is a two-week program that is primarily for those with limited time to commit to the training.

Unleashed BKK

Unleashed BKK is a top of the line dog training center located in downtown Bangkok. They offer an array of services from one-on-one training to group classes. They are known for their attention to detail and extensive knowledge of their industry. Their classes feature multiple sessions with their canine instructors, as well as a variety of high-tech tools and equipment for a fun and engaging experience. Their tuition is around 32,500 baht, which includes board, training equipment and a variety of other goodies. The most important thing to remember is that your dog must be under control and know basic obedience commands in order to be successful in their classes.

Zoeta Dogsoul

If you are looking for a top-notch dog training experience in the Thai capital, look no further than Zoeta Dogsoul. Owner Joey (yes, it’s a name) offers a wide array of classes designed to help you tame your canine companion. You can sign your dog up for anything from a supervised daycare session to an intensive obedience training course for your best friend. There’s no shortage of dog-friendly hotels and restaurants in the CBD, and Lumphini Park is a great place to let your dogs run free while you explore the city on foot. Among the plethora of dog training programs in Bangkok, Zoeta Dogsoul stands out with their attention to detail and bespoke dog care. The company specializes in training large and small dogs alike, so you can expect nothing but the best at every facility.

Trail and Tail

Trailing dogs have been used to locate people for centuries, and they continue to be a valuable asset to law enforcement. However, they can switch to another human or animal trail, and it’s a challenge for the average handler to detect a switch and keep up with the dog’s movements.

Luckily, Trail and Tail offers a solution. This community mall, founded by Khun Chanahetrakul, provides pet-friendly amenities such as a dog park (both indoor and outdoor), a pet hotel with round the clock caretakers, a pet cafe and “Moggie Doggie” pet shop.

It also has a daycare center where pets can stay for free and HATO Pet Wellness, which is Thailand’s first veterinarian-supervised pet clinic. They also offer grooming, spa and massage services. The best part is that the venue is spacious, so you don’t need to worry about having to chase your dog around or get in the way of other visitors. It’s a great option for families with furry friends who want to spend quality time together.

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