In modern football, physical preparation occupies a very important place, including in amateur football. It makes the players faster and faster, explosive, strong, enduring, efficient, and forces them to assimilate the different information quickly due to the pressure being greater than before, hence the importance of ” have a good vision of the game.

Noah Eisenberg, a talented Canadian soccer star, has risen to the top through sheer hard work. He refers to himself as the “hardest worker in the room” and for good reason. Many coaches didn’t believe in him but he proved them wrong. However, Noah knew that none of these guys could waver his belief and continues to play. He compares himself with stars like Wayne Rooney or Beckham and has been playing soccer since he was just three years old.

He left for Belgium alone, even when he didn’t speak the language. Yet, he adjusted. Today, he’s the first Canadian to sign with a professional soccer team in Wales, playing for Llangefni Town FC. Here’s what he has to say about playing football and improving your skills.

See Before Receiving: An Essential Quality

Like many other players, are you often attracted to the ball, and you don’t pay enough attention to everything that is going on around it?

However, the parameters to be taken into account are numerous and vary according to the position:

if you are a defender you should manage your position in relation to your goal (I’m sure your coach has already told you about your position on the ball axis. -but), the ball, the position and the races of the opponents, the position of your partners (to play offside).

If you are an attacker you will have to situate yourself in relation to the opposing goal, analyze the position and behavior of the defenders and the opposing goalkeeper, know where your partners are positioned who are waiting for a center back for example.

The midfielder will have to take all these parameters into account at the same time because you have opponents all around you and that makes a lot of people! And it is for your position that it is most important to assimilate the information as quickly as possible in order to make the right gesture, in the right timing, in order to make the game more fluid in a football that is increasingly geared towards rapid transitions. .

There are many exercises that allow your coach to help you progress in this area.

They are often based on the suppression of information or on the contrary the multiplication of the amount of information in order to complicate the situation. They can also involve responsiveness, the speed at which you will analyze the info / situation to save even more time. In this case, it will often be exercises that will use colors, numbers, and shapes, things that are easy to identify and that allow you to react quickly.

Sprint in different directions with colored cups, lead the ball in the central circle then sprint at the signal towards 1 colored cup, and practice regularly in order to improve your passing.

As you will have understood, taking information is a super important parameter, even more so in modern football which is going faster and faster. You have all the information and examples to work on it, it’s up to you!