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Shengshou 17×17 is one of the two largest mass produced NxN cubes on the market. It is essentially identical to the MoYu 13×13 but is smaller at 122mm at its widest point, which can make it more comfortable for some users.

Shengshou is a Chinese manufacturer that is known for producing high-quality cubes. However, they have been reported by cubers to infringe on Verdes’ patents.


The 17×17 is the largest mass produced NxN cube on the market. It is also one of the most ergonomic puzzles out there, coming in at around 122mm wide at its widest point. This makes it a great choice for players who enjoy high-order puzzles, as it is much easier to hold and rotate than the YuXin HuanLong version.

Shengshou is a Chinese company that has been releasing some quality speed cubes over the past few years. They have a wide variety of cubes available, and some of their more popular models include the wind 4×4, Aurora 5×5, legend 4×4, gem, rainbow, Mr M, and Fangyuan.

Shengshou is a great brand for beginners and intermediates who are looking to improve their speed cube skills. They also have an extensive line of nxn cubes, which includes many different variations, such as 4x4x4, mirror, megaminx and square. They are a legitimate company that operates in 164 countries, and have been selling their products since 2014. Desertcart is a trusted online store that has been operating for over two years and offers free worldwide shipping.


Shengshou 17×17 is no slouch when it comes to stability, and it’s a worthy contender in our top-of-the-line cubing competition. While this model might not be for everyone, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality, durable, and most importantly, fun to play cube to boot! It has also been a coveted prize among the world’s best speedcubers. With an eta power curve of +1, the Shengshou is one of the most reliable and most consistent cubing machines around. Its most impressive features include a dual core magnetic system and a slick, if a little slippery, finish.


The shengshou 17×17 is the largest mass produced NxN cube and it has a lot to offer. With 1700 pieces, it is an incredible puzzle that will blow your mind and impress anyone who sees it. It is also one of the lightest in its class and it is worth a look if you are looking to upgrade your collection.

This is not the only mass produced 17×17 on the market, the shengshou sengso 18×18 is the first and it is actually the biggest on the market. Its size is around 122mm at its widest point and it is much more ergonomic than the Shengshou version. It is also a very impressive puzzle that should be on the radar of all lovers of high order puzzles! It is a great choice for all levels of puzzler and if you can get it, it will be a fantastic addition to your collection. The shengshou sengso is the best 17×17 cube that you can buy in 2018. You will love solving it, and it will be an amazing gift to give!


The shengshou 17×17 is a large cube that features a lot of layers. It is also a high-order puzzle that requires a great deal of patience and determination. If you’re a fan of big puzzles, this is one you’ll want to add to your collection.

Shengshou is a Chinese company that makes a wide variety of puzzle toys. They are known for their innovative designs, including the shengshou 17×17 cube. It is the largest mass-produced NxN puzzle on the market, featuring 1947 individual pieces and 17 layers. It is extremely difficult to solve and a world record for solving it is under 47 minutes. If you’re looking for a new challenge, the shengshou 17×17 is arguably one of the best options. It is a good investment and a must-have in any puzzle lover’s collection. Order online today for fast shipping! The shengshou 17×17 is an excellent value for the money.