While you may travel for recreational purposes, that doesn’t mean it will be stress-free. Going with your parents, small children, unenthusiastic partner, or needy friend may disturb your enthusiasm and even ruin the vacation. Instead of letting displeasure take over, give everyone a chance, including yourself, and try a different tactic. Check out these best ways to keep your zen when traveling that will allow everyone to have a good time.

Hiking to sync with nature

Active holidays are popular for a reason in the last couple of decades. The everyday stress can make you miserable, and the best way to get rid of it is to produce more feel-good hormones. Hiking is for everyone if you choose the right tempo and trail, as well as put on appropriate clothes and shoes.

Nature has a calming effect on the mind, so the moment you find yourself surrounded by greenery under the blue sky, your mood will improve. Moreover, hiking is a great activity to leave technology behind for a few hours and embrace the eco-friendly philosophy during your traveling.

Skiing in the fresh air

Snow can have a soothing effect on the mind with its white color, pristine look, and association with a warm home. While city snows are not as attractive, the ones in the mountains are a perfect way to take some time off from everything. If, for whatever reason, you end up surrounded by mountain snow, rent some equipment and go skiing.

Those who are experienced can try snowboarding to make things more interesting. In case you’ve never skied before, snow-shoeing or skiing down the less demanding ski slopes are available for those lacking experience. Additionally, take a break on your way down to breathe and take in the view for the extra zen recharge.

Cycling as a calming experience

Riding a bike is something everyone can do, especially children who are full of energy and easily bored. Bring kids bikes with you or rent them, and dedicate one day for cycling on your travels. Look for national parks or trails that have diverse scenery and can take you by the most notable landmarks.

If you are traveling with your parents, a leisure bike ride to the nearby village or farmer’s market is a comfortable way to get the serotonin in your bloodstream. If you want to eliminate negative energy, opt for a mountain bike ride that combines breathtaking natural sights with exciting adventure.

Fly-fishing to enjoy the silence

Tourist attractions are not hard to find these days, especially those that will take you away from the usual activities. Fly-fishing is one of them, being more and more popular among all ages and genders for its laidback and relaxing impression. It will take you to the river, standing in the cool water while surrounded by sounds of rustling leaves and cascading water.

Even if you don’t catch anything, this is an excellent activity to be with your thoughts and practice mindfulness. Regardless of if you share fly-fishing with family members or friends, you will all have to learn to enjoy the silence and nature around you.

Kitesurfing for adrenalin boost

Going to sea or ocean is an opportunity to try something new and out of your comfort zone, like kitesurfing. This activity is what you get when you pair up flying a kite and surfing on the waves. Since kitesurfing requires focus, you will forget about your worries in no time when you find yourself far away from the coast.

Warm wind on your face, seagulls flying overhead, and salty scents of water are ideal to de-stress while on a business trip or demanding itinerary. Surfing alone is also an option if you feel confident enough to conquer the waves, or at least don’t mind falling off the board a few times.


Besides planning your trip and making sure everyone is happy, think about yourself too. Leave room to have fun and unwind with some of the most common activities in the area. Since active holidays are trendy, you won’t have a problem finding something that will put smiles on you and your companions’ faces.