Spirituality urges one to go on a sacred path for serenity and calm. One such pilgrimage is the holy Chardham Yatra, which is situated in the colossal Garhwal Himalayas. The Yatra is an excellent chance to investigate the world’s earliest Hindu traditions.

This Yatra is among the most significant pilgrimages. Further, the history of Chardham Yatra fascinates every pilgrim to go on this challenging journey. The trek is demanding, yet you will experience peace and the opportunity to seek blessings from the holy temples.

With helicopter services, older pilgrims or pilgrims with severe health conditions may avoid the long trekking and avail of the services. So LIH Travels offers the best Chardham Yatra by helicopter packages to help you traverse through the rugged terrains without challenges. 

If you are planning for the Char Dham Yatra 2022, this post gives you a detailed guide on this Yatra.

When Does Chardham Yatra Start?

The sacred Char Dham Yatra is only accessible to pilgrims for a short six-month each year. Temples are open annually from April until November. The opening dates rely on Akshaya Tritiya, popularly called Akha Teej. In comparison, the closure dates rely on Vijay Dashami, Bhai Dooj, and Diwali celebrations.

Chardham Yatra 2022 Opening Dates for all the four shrines are:

  • Yamunotri Temple: Opening: 3rd May 2022, Closing: 24th October 2022
  • Gangotri Temple: Opening: 3rd May 2022, Closing: 25th October 2022 
  • Kedarnath Temple: Opening: 6th May 2022, Closing: 24th October 2022 
  • Badrinath Temple: Opening: 8th May 2022, Closing: 26th October 2022

How To Reach Chardham Temples?

This spiritual journey is best started at the religious center of Haridwar. Haridwar considered the gateway to spirituality, is the starting point for most pilgrims.

Haridwar has road and rail connections with Delhi and other parts of India. Additionally, State Transportation and private buses operate between New Delhi, Haridwar, and neighboring places. The closest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. There are frequent flights between Delhi and Dehradun, and Dehradun has excellent connections to other major Indian towns. Travel is now more convenient with the introduction of the Char Dham helicopter service, which offers helicopter flights to the dhams from Dehradun.

Badrinath and Gangotri are conveniently accessible to the other major cities of Uttarakhand by motorways. Gangotri is positioned near the end of National Highway 108. The route to Kedarnath stops at Gaurikund. From this location, it is a 14-kilometer trek to the temple. Similarly, the journey to Yamunotri concludes at Hanuman Chatti, where the trek starts. 

Preparing Yourself For The Divine Chardham Yatra

Pilgrims from all over the globe embark on this journey to seek divine blessings and experience Uttrakhand’s hidden gems. No longer must pilgrims endure several obstacles to begin a pilgrimage successfully. With time and progress, world-class amenities have made it easier for believers to approach the home of the gods.

People planning to undertake the Chardham pilgrimage must be prepared to overcome obstacles, such as rough mountain routes, traversing rivers, trekking at high altitudes, rugged terrains, and extreme temperature changes. Therefore, before packing your luggage and embarking on this sacred trip, there are a few essential considerations for making your Yatra an unforgettable experience.

  • Chocolates, dried fruits, and glucose may supply quick energy if you get exhausted throughout the trip.
  • Do not transport valuable goods such as jewelry.
  • There is prohibition on photography inside the temple’s grounds. It is essential that you must not offend the feelings of others.
  • Only consume bottled or boiling water.
  • Every time travel in groups, so if you encounter any issue, your friends or family can support you.
  • Women should avoid putting sarees since it would make walking very challenging. In lieu of a saree, they may choose a salwar kameez.

Ideal Season To Undertake The Chardham Yatra

Pilgrims undertake this Yatra from May to June and September to October.

Prevent visiting in July and August as this region receives significant rainfall that often causes landslides and excessive rains during this period.

September is regarded as the best time to organize the trip since, after the rainfall, the stunning vistas and green landscapes increase in magnificence.

About Yamunotri Dham

The holy Dham of Yamunotri is the sacred dwelling of one of India’s holiest rivers, the Yamuna. It has its origin in Yamunotri. The Yamunotri Temple is the holiest site on earth. To solicit the goddess Yamuna’s blessings, worshippers worldwide come. 

So Goddess Yamuna is Yama’s sister, the god of death. According to legend, worshipping the goddess Yamuna at the Yamunotri temple can protect you from an early death.

About Gangotri Dham

Gangotri Temple is among the most well-known temples dedicated to the goddess Ganga. Gangotri is among the towering Himalayan range of Garhwal, between glaciers and beautiful forests, and its breathtaking views will captivate your thoughts. Lord Shiva freed the holy river Ganga from his locks at this location. Ganga’s actual source is the Gangotri glacier, located 19 kilometers from Gangotri.

About Kedarnath Dham

The Kedarnath Dham worships Lord Shiva. It comprises one of Lord Shiva’s 12 heavenly jyotirlingas. It is the holiest and most powerful Shiva temple on earth. A little sight of this magnificent shrine will provide you with infinite peace and spiritual happiness. Devotees worship Lord Shiva in the form of conical rock sculpture here.

About Badrinath Dham

The Badrinath Dham worships Lord Vishnu. Natural and ethereal scenery and calming hot springs and kunds captivate your mind. On the banks of the tranquil Alaknanda River, nestled between the Nar and Narayan highlands, the Badrinath Temple has for centuries attracted followers with its spiritual teachings. In the eighth century, Sage Adi Shankar Acharya erected it. Further, it is among the most important components of the Chota Chardham and the original Chardham Yatra.

Chardham Yatra By Helicopter

You may organize a Chardham Yatra by helicopter in case you are occupied with the job, which is quite prevalent in our demanding lifestyle. Not only would you save time by using the helicopter services, but you would also view the beautiful vistas of the tremendous Himalayas. The helicopter service departs from Dehradun and visits several Chardham sacred sites.

Final Say

These are among the key details of the Chardham Yatra guide that would assist you in completing the holy pilgrimage. We hope you have a good time in the Himalayas and return home with cherished memories.