The majority of people that travel throughout the world do it for pleasure. Leisure travellers, as opposed to business travellers, can range in age from a toddler to an older adult. Therefore, the requirements of leisure travel that people might need are both diverse and numerous.


Like business travellers, leisure travellers place the most considerable significance on the location of the facility they are staying at. They like lodging near attractive locations with convenient access to fantastic shopping, dining, and sightseeing options.


Those into leisure travel must pay for their lodging out of their savings. Because of this, they have particular requirements regarding the price. According to research that Google carried out in the travel industry in 2014, the vast majority of leisure travellers place a high level of weight on cost when selecting a place to stay. The amount people pay for the room should be proportional to the amenities they enjoy throughout their stay. When making hotel reservations, leisure travellers place a premium on finding hotels with reasonable prices and special offers.


Hotels and resorts typically provide several types of packages to attract leisure tourists. Packages will be designed around a holiday, an event, or a tour, or they may be fashioned in the shape of family and honeymoon packages. In most cases, they provide an all-inclusive package that covers lodging, meals, transportation, and sightseeing activities. The vast majority of people who travel for pleasure choose this kind of package since it offers them a better price.

Dining Options

One of the primary attractions of going on vacation is avoiding the chore of preparing meals. Therefore, leisure travellers search for accommodations that include a variety of great meal alternatives, such as restaurants and snack bars. Every leisure traveller eagerly anticipates the complimentary breakfast they will receive at their hotel. If the resort does not provide any meal alternatives within its facility, it must, at the very least, be able to recommend some reputable eateries in the surrounding area.

Recreational activities

It is essential to have access to many opportunities for recreational pursuits. A few recreational amenities leisure travellers look forward to enjoying during their trips include a spa, a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a play area for children, and several other outdoor activities, such as barbecuing.

Concierge service

Some concierge services that leisure travellers find particularly useful include reserving transportation facilities, providing decent housekeeping, arranging recreational facilities, and identifying popular hot places for nightlife. The travellers are more likely to select an offer if the lodging they are considering also provides these additional services.


A dependable wi-fi connection is an absolute must for leisure travellers, regardless of whether they plan to use it for business or simply relax. While on vacation, children and adults enjoy logging on to their favourite online games and surfing the web. If they do not have access to a reliable wireless internet connection, it will be difficult for adults to check their email and answer important calls promptly.

Reviews and suggestions

Lastly, the reviews and recommendations of close friends and family members are highly significant for leisure travellers. Before making a final decision, they check the establishment on Google and Facebook to see what other people have said about it.