Tourism and travelling are one of the most becoming trends in the contemporary world. Where once people would save up money to invest in bonds or buy shares from the market or gold, today it seems travelling is the new gold. People today work their jobs regularly for a period of time, save up money and travel to different places.

In fact, the expense of travel today is not even as high as it once used to be in the absence of fast paced travel. Moreover, given the trends of backpacking that make Morocco travel even more inexpensive, more and more people want to travel and explore the many cultures around the world.


Morocco is located in North Africa and is one of the most important tourist attractions in the country. The country was visited by a record 11.35 million people in 2017. This is largely due to the fact that Morocco has almost everything that tourists want to see. It has mountains, deserts, coasts, valleys. Moreover, Morocco is a very culturally diverse location to visit with people of different backgrounds and nationalities.

4 Imperial Cities:

Four of the most attractive locations in Morocco are its 4 imperial cities. Imperial, of course, meaning that each of the 4 cities has served as a place for the ruling chair in its time. So, each of these 4 cities has served as the capital of Morocco at some point in time. When any city has served as an imperial city, it gets a deep royal influence which is characterized by royal architecture and palaces and places of poetry and museums. Here is a complete guide to each of the 4 imperial cities of Morocco:


Fez is the largest imperial cities of the four and the second-largest city in the country after the present capital Casablanca. The city has served as the capital of Morocco at several times during the Idrisid, Maranid, Wattasid and Saadian Dynasty. This rich royal influence it a landscape filled with mausoleums and tombs and mosques all of which form prime tourist destinations.

The city was initially founded in the 789 by kind Idris I and later princes and sultans advanced the place. At that time, the most important part f the city was the fact that it was located at the bank of the river Jawhar. This also gives the city a much more moderate climate than what prevails throughout the arid desert country.

The city is made up of three distinct towns. The Fez el Bali which is the center and the most populated part. The Fez el Jedid is the outer part and consists of Jewish population. The last partcville nouvelle, is the most recent part. Notice the different name of the last part because it was established by the French and is often not given as much attention.


Marrakesh is a symbol of the power of the Amoravid – which founded it in 1071 – and the Almohad dynasty. Marrakesh is known primary for its Koutoubia towers. However, there are several other attractions that include the Koubba el Baadiyin, the Youssef Medersa and the Bahia Palace. Moreover, Marrakesh is one of the prime locations for shopping with its Souks that display the culture of Morocco, especially the art of carpet making and mosaics.

Marrakesh is also very colorful. With its red lined streets, a giant circle and lots of food and music, there is nothing like Marrakech anywhere in the world. Moreover, you will find several performers lining the streets to add delight to your evenings with the delicious mint tea that you will never get enough of.


Filled with people and vibrance, Meknes is one of the smaller cities of the 4 imperial cities of Morocco. The city was established by the Alaouite dynasty and is a walled city. Meknes is predominantly an agricultural city and consists of several herbs and spices. This has also meant that Meknes is home to several delicacies and the food here is very inexpensive.

Meknes has a moderate climate with both hot and colds. It takes a lot after the city of Fez given its close proximity to the major city. Even many of the natives in Meknes are from Fez and have move to Meknes to enjoy its peaceful way of life.


Rabat is the seventh largest city of morocco and is one of the most well-known places around the world. With a moderate climate and architecture of a fort, Rabat is surely a great tourist attraction. The great colorful and clean Kasbah is one of the main tourist attractions of the city and the view of the Atlantic Ocean is unlike anything else in the country.

The city is also known for the Mausoleum of Mohammed V which is a beautiful place with intricate architecture and great atmosphere. Rabat is one of the most relaxing cities to visit on your tour and is filled with picnic spots.