Tanzania safari has become one of the great goals of the most daring travelers.  Located on the west coast of Central Africa, it has Dodoma as its capital.  This African country still retains its purity in details like its flag. It reflects the green color, which symbolizes the wealth of natural resources and nature; the yellow color that gives meaning to mineral abundance; the black color that denotes the skin color of the Tanzanians and the blue that gives meaning to the relevance of the sea in this country.

The best thing about Tanzania safari is that it agglomerates everything travelers look for in the African continent, considered the best destination for safaris, in addition to gathering mythical places like the Great Rift Valley, Lake Victoria, Lake Manyara National Park or its counterpart, the Tarangire National Park, as well as the city of Zanzibar. In addition to all this, there are three of the natural wonders of the continent that the African country boasts: the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro crater and the Kilimanjaro mount. Check over here to book your favorite Tanzania safari trips in advance at Easytravel to visit the mentioned beautiful places.

Curiosities of Tanzania safari

Kilimanjaro is the highest isolated mountain in the world, although in reality,  it is a three-mouth volcano, which fortunately has been calm for more than 200 years. This is located in a natural park with the same name and can be visited by organizing a group trip. This is located in northern Tanzania and is recognized by everyone for appearing in images of African mountains.

In Tanzania, more than 120 languages ​​are spoken, although its official language is Swahili and the second most spoken language is English. Tanzania occupies the 28th place worldwide in terms of the total population and its most populous city is Dar es Salaam. The best-known island in Tanzania is Zanzibar, although its true little-known name is Unguja.

Councils of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tanzania

At present, the political situation in Tanzania could be considered stable, but there are also social differences that can create disturbances. All part of the East Africa region is on alert for terrorist threats.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated areas of Tanzania that should be avoided because they are dangerous due to the high risk of terrorism. These are the borders with Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda.

Another element to consider is a large number of robberies that occur. We recommend you, in addition to travel insurance that covers basic needs, not to walk in unknown areas without a guide, camping in a tent in sparsely populated areas, or being a lot of space in open spaces with a lot of influx with belongings from Great value.

Tanzania gastronomy

As is common in many parts of Africa, resources are so scarce that it is difficult to find quality cuisine. Tanzania is a hybrid among the cuisines of Europe or Asia. If you want to delve into the native, the only cuisine is root-based, called Swahili, which is located on the coast of Tanzania, mixing Arab and Indian influences.

On the other hand, you can also discover great dishes in the meat, which is the center of Tanzanian cuisine. It is usually eaten stewed, roasted or grilled. The most consumed are the ox, the veal, the goat and the lamb, and the chicken.

Another of the Tanzanian specialties is the Kebab adapted from Arabic food, but with local products. Although you can also try the ugali, which is the most popular dish. These are cooked cornmeal balls with a bread-like texture. They can be mixed with butter, cheese or milk, in addition to being accompanied by vegetables or meat.

It is also very common that when you are going to do in Tanzania tourism try the samosas, some small rolls of fried dough, of Hindu origin, that are stuffed with spicy meat or vegetables. The preparation of the dough is very laborious so that sometimes prepared dough similar to that of the empanadillas is used.

Finally, the chai (tea) has elementary importance since this African country was an English colony. Today, Tanzania has become one of the largest exporters of teas in the world. If you want to buy Table Runner Melbourne, we are worth a call. Phone us today on 03 9001 8181

Tips for your Tanzania safari

One of the elements that we have to be clear for our trip to Tanzania safari, and more if our intention is to make a safari, is the duration that we want in order to opt for one or the other route.

If your idea is to make Tanzania safari, the recommendation we make is to visit the northern part of the country. Although it is the most typical, it is the most recognized part of Tanzania safari. There you can find areas like the most emblematic National Park of Tanzania, the Serengeti. Or also the Ngorongoro Crater, where wild animals can be seen more clearly if you want to do a safari. It is also important to note that the northern area has a better road network.

Keep in mind that going on a safari is not like going to the zoo. Sometimes you have more luck and you see more wildlife than others. Among all the animals we can admire are tigers, climbing lions, elephants, rhinos or zebras among others.

The usual thing is to do the safari with other travelers, you must be restrained as it is a unique experience for many. It is multi sense experience. You will see landscapes that you have never seen with your eyes, hear how the air mixes with nature … for this it is recommended to keep silent and enjoy and let the rest of the companions of the safari enjoy.

Tips For Traveling To Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an archipelago formed by the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, in addition to several small islands about 36 kilometers off the coast of Tanzania safari. The currency of Zanzibar is the Tanzanian shilling (TSZ). There are 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000 bills, and 50, 100 and 200 shillings coins. However, he usually accepts American dollars normally.

This area has an equatorial climate, so it can be visited almost all year. Although from March to May they are times of rain, the temperatures are not too low. From July to September is when the largest influx of tourists has the island.

If we stop to detail the safety of Zanzibar, they closely resemble the comments made with the country in general. The political situation on the island could be considered stable, which makes the island a fairly safe area. But you must keep the usual precautions, always be closes to your belongings, be careful with traveling late at night, camping areas, care of belongings, etc …

Finally, we leave you some essentials to see in Tanzania, and more specifically in Zanzibar:

It is almost mandatory to walk through its old quarter, called Stone Town. Declared a World Heritage Site, it is a maze of alleys where getting lost becomes a real pleasure.

On the other hand, Nungwi is considered the most affluent beach area in Zanzibar. It has white sand and is always full of people from different areas of the world. Nungwi has the second-highest population of Zanzibar, with about 6,000 inhabitants living in it, mostly engaged in fishing.

Visit Prison Island, where they recommend bathing with giant turtles. This is located in front of Stone Town, a very tourist space, in which diving practitioners do not want to miss the option of doing so surrounded by these animals.

Finally, we also recommend the visit to the Jozani forest. The red colobus monkey inhabits it, a unique species that unfortunately is in danger of extinction. This is a great alternative if you like hiking and feel that you have visited many beaches.