In March 2018, the 457 visa was supplanted by the Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa.

The TSS 482 visa is a temporary visa which allows the holder to live in Australia, while working all day for the sponsoring boss, in a designated occupation which is recorded on the Short Skilled List or Medium Long Term Skilled List

TSS Visa Requirements

You are needed to have a proposition for employment, two years of pertinent work insight, in the previous five years, and have the option to meet other standards related with this subclass, for example, capabilities, English, wellbeing and character requirements.

There is no age limit for a TSS visa nonetheless, there is for Permanent Residency. In the event that you are allowed a visa in a MLTSSL occupation and mean to apply for lasting residency following three years of working for a similar support, you should be under 45 at the time of housing your perpetual residency application.

482 Visa Streams

There are three streams relevant to the TSS, including:

  • the Short-Term stream
  • the Medium-Term stream
  • the Labor Agreement stream.

Applicants with occupations on the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) might be qualified for visas of as long as two years, inexhaustible coastal once, for a further two years, and possibly sustainable for extra long term periods, while applying from seaward, and if equipped for meeting Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements, while those on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL) can apply for as long as four years (with qualification for lasting residency following three years, contingent upon meeting age, English, Health and Character requirements).

The TSS 482 visa subclass includes a three-venture process:

  1. a sponsorship application by the employer
  2. a nomination application for a skilled situation by the employer
  3. a visa application by the proposed employee

What you and your family can do while on a 482 Visa

If you are allowed this visa as an essential application, you can head out to and from Australia for the span of the visa and will be qualified for work in Australia just for an endorsed support who has selected you in your picked occupation.

While holding this visa, relatives can go to and from Australia for the span of the visa and can work or concentrate in Australia without restriction.

Processing Standards

Processing principles change as per the departmental remaining burden and are refreshed month to month. You can check the current processing time on visa-citizenship-processing-times

Obligations of 482 visa subclass holders

You must keep up medical coverage at a suitable level while you are in Australia. Corresponding wellbeing plans may not generally be adequate.

The essential visa holder should likewise participate in affirmed work. This for the most part implies:

just work in the occupation for which your visa was endorsed. To work in an alternate occupation you should apply for and be conceded another TSS visaonly work for the business who assigned the position you are working in (restricted special cases apply)not stop work for a period that surpasses 60 successive dayshold any permit, enrollment or participation that is obligatory to play out the occupation selected comparable to youcomply with each condition or prerequisite to which the permit, enlistment or participation is subject

You must tell the Department of Immigration Agents of any adjustment in your conditions. On the off chance that the 482 support ends your 482 business, you should do one of the following:

  • Find another 482 manager who is eager to support you and have the endorsement set up before beginning work with the new supporting business; or
  • Apply for another sort of visa, nonetheless, there could be complexities because of the 60 days’ time limit; or
  • Leave Australia inside 60 days relying upon your visa award date.

Please know that you should have another 482 assignment lodged and approved before you begin working with another organization. This is placing a lot of workers and organizations in a difficult situation as it is simple for the Department of Immigration to discover a paper trail to affirm that an organization is utilizing somebody without the right position to do so.