Having simple things in Phu Quoc Island make tourist can not forget them when visiting the land .

Clean and beautiful water in Sao Beach

Sao Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc Island. It owns creamy white sand over 7 kilometers long, curve-hugging shape like the moon. Besides the beach, tall and straight the coconut trees are also an impressing thing to make the perfect beauty of Sao Beach.

Furthermore, you can walk on the beautiful beach or nestled under the shade of coconut trees to enjoy the feeling of peace of mind.

Enjoy the sunset in Dinh Cau Temple

Mui Dinh Cau is a landscape which visitors to relax, enjoy the incredible natural beauty. Rock like a mountain with strange shapes and top of the mountain is adorned with an ancient roof of the temple with green moss on the roof of two dragons flanking a moon made of porcelain, under the canopy of an ancient sponge than century-old trees spread as wide as all four seasons green parasols. In addition, sunset here is extremely beautiful, brings great emotion to the guests.

Enjoy fresh seafood

In Phu Quoc, when walking on the beach, you can always see the blue fishing boats bobbing offshore. It’s a reason why fresh seafood dishes are always available everywhere, from the barbecue in restaurants to small shops in the Duong Dong night market. Moreover, in this market, you can freely choose the species of your favorite seafood from scallops to countless other delicious fish with the quality can not be blamed. Also, if you want to buy cheaper fresh seafood, you can go to Ham Ninh fishing village to buy, and thanks to the people here cooking with only a small fee.

Peaceful setting in Ham Ninh ancient fishing village

Visiting Ham Ninh, tourists as the nostalgic people return to the ancient village. Life here seems almost still remain untouched with makeshift bamboo-walled cottages.The main occupation is still the pearl diving, catching sea cucumber and crab nets. Travelling to Ham Ninh in the early morning to see the sunrise or enjoy the moon night which are two ways to soak up the beauty of a place here. Many people say that, visiting Ham Ninh without enjoying boiled crab shall be considered incomplete the itinerary. The crabs just caught and then is boiled which will have bright red colour and firm meat, the boiled crabs will be better if tourist eats with lemon pepper salt.