Facebook gave rise to a new era of advertisement and probably started, what we call social media marketing today. It is a platform that has ruled over the social media world for as long as we can remember. Hence it is the best and the first choice of every company when it comes to social media marketing. If you are still not utilising the potential of this platform then we would recommend you to quickly get your business a website first then a Facebook page and effectively use social media marketing for driving the revenue and capturing the potential market.

However, if you have no idea how to get started with your website development then we would recommend using WordPress. This would simplify the development process for you. Also,  make sure to use Virtual assistant for wordpress in case you are not familiar with this web development tool. Virtual assistant WordPress would come in handy during the development process.

However, to run a business you need one more thing and that is manpower. Manpower would be a need as you aim to expand your business with social media strategy. To recruit new employees Facebook can help you big time. Wondering How? For that check out these 10 Fantastic Tips that would help you Recruit Employees using Facebook

Social Media Promotions

Facebook is probably the first social media platform that helps advertisers to connect to such a large user base. Facebook is a platform that is used by almost every age group today. So when it comes to social media marketing Facebook is considered the leader in promotions and marketing. Every post you make on this social media platform creates an opportunity for your business to grow.

Also apart from a private account you can create your own company page and post regular content for the users who follow you. However, be a little smart while planning your company page as it symbolizes and reflects your seriousness towards your company and your work.

Banner Adds

Banners adds are nothing but small space on Facebook which you can buy and post different advertisements on it. This famous method of advertising is also known as “photo ad” as banner ads focus on advertising using a perfect clicked photo a small description of the prospect business or new product or services you are starting and a web link at the bottom of the page. This type of ad is usually used to promote Facebook pages and indirectly your business.

Now there is a thing called target specific banner ads which is very effective and efficient as these types of adds are based on the user’s geographical location, area of interest, work experience, previous visits, educational background, etc. Which means these types of advertisement is used to target specific users who might actually be in need of your services and products. So if normally posting adds and photos are not working out for you, then we would recommend trying out the target-specific advertisement. They are sure to get to more users and customers than regular normal advertisements.

Make Use of Facebook Tools and Applications

Well maintained your page and then creating separate advertisements might seem a lot of work for some of the marketers. However, this is no reason for you to quit social media marketing as Facebook is a great platform that has worked for years to make its social marketers task a lot easier. Facebook support applications such as linkups are great tools that could effectively reduce your labour. The linkup is a smart Facebook application that can help you link your company website to your Facebook page. This way when you make any update on your company website the same is done to your Facebook page automatically. For instance, let’s say you posted a new list to recruit virtual assistant WordPress developers on your company website then the same post will be created on your Facebook page. This also goes for any new services and product launch or any other minute updates. This way you don’t have to worry about updating your Facebook page. All these updates on your Facebook page will be directly linked to your company website. Similarly, there are other applications like linkups such as work4 that could help you in recruiting new candidates.

Find Potential Candidates

Facebook can be used as a proactive tool for searching candidates. So you won’t have to spend a lot of time going through thousands of websites just to find that one right person for the job.

Aim Separate Job Seeking Groups

Don’t get stuck on a single age group of people. Look for some variations and lay stress on youngsters seeking job opportunities. The reason is simple variety in employee base would give you a good mix of experience and talent. Further getting youngsters on board would be good as they have that zeal to prove themselves.

Promote Smartly

Promoting is not about just updating your company’s job requirements. Although it is important to provide frequent updates, you need to make sure that these updates are socially engaging. This will help you maintain a strong presence on every social media platform.

Highlight Your Facebook Recruits

An effective way of attracting a potential candidate is by highlighting your social media recruit. This will encourage other candidates to apply for a job through Facebook and also set an example of what type of candidate you are looking for.

Track Promotion Records

Although there are thousands of ways you can advertise to reach that perfect person for the job. But you need to find out the one that is most effective for you. So, it is important to experiment with different posts and also maintain a record of their success rate in terms of promotions.

Create A Group

Creating a Facebook page is well and good. But what, you need is a more personal connection with your potential employees. Facebook chats groups are great for connecting to individuals on a personal level. You can have different groups for different sets of peoples, for instance, a group for marketing, a group for developers, etc.

Utilize Graph Search

Facebook allows people to search for other people using an effective algorithm called graph search. Graph search allows users to filter and refine their search based on username, place of birth, age, qualification, and other personal information.

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