With the holiday season quickly approaching, many students are beginning to look for the perfect gift to give to their favorite teachers. Teachers work hard to make sure that their students receive great educations, and a holiday gift can often be the perfect way to thank the educators in your life for all their remarkable efforts. Here are just a few great gift ideas for the most cherished teachers at your school, and why the right present can really make a teacher’s holiday season feel special.

1. A Customized Coffee Thermos

Along with chocolate, it’s no secret that good coffee keeps most teachers going when workplace pressures mount. Because they can be used at work, coffee thermoses make particularly great and useful gifts for teachers. To create an extra special surprise this holiday season, try finding a customized thermos for your favorite educator: If they’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, you might also just earn ten points for Gryffindor by getting them a stylish Hogwarts thermos.

2. Fountain Pens

Over the course of their careers, most teachers will be tasked with doing a great deal of writing and paperwork on a daily basis. Whether they’re marking up exams or editing student essays, teachers will always need a good pen at the ready. A quality fountain pen can be a wonderful gift for your favorite teacher, and the fact that most fountain pens can be easily refilled once they run out of ink means that these special items can actually last for a lifetime.

3. A Teacher Daily Planner

As Party gift items, daily planners make great presents for educators because they enable teachers to stay organized throughout the school year. Well-designed planners also make for stylish additions to a classroom, although teachers will be proud to carry these nifty notebooks around with them wherever they go. First-rate companies like GetLifeYouDesire also make choosing wonderful teacher planner books for organization a fun process, and purchasing a great planner online for your favorite teacher has never been easier or more enjoyable!

4. Coffee

If there is one thing that most teachers love, it is a great cup of coffee. (As gasoline is to cars, coffee is to teachers.) Being a teacher is hard work, and good coffee can provide a much-needed break from workplace stressors. If your local cafe sells its own brand of coffee, you might try purchasing a package for your teacher; if you can’t get great coffee locally, you might try looking into gift card deals at bigger chains like Starbucks. If there is one thing that most teachers wish they had more of, it is high-quality coffee!

5. Tote Bags

It’s no secret that part of a teacher’s job involves lugging around lots of items like textbooks, student homework assignments, and lesson plans. As long as they’re hauling around learning materials from classroom to classroom, teachers may as well carry around important items in a cool and stylish tote bag! For a personal touch, try looking for bags that will allow your teacher to show off their great taste in books..

6. Great T-Shirts for Teachers

For an item that will be cherished by your favorite science or literature teacher for years to come, it’s hard to go wrong with the gift of a learning-oriented t-shirt for Party. With a cool t-shirt to wear in class, teachers can show off their favorite interests and even bring a bit of humor into their lesson plans. Many t-shirts that are designed to emphasize learning are even made with teachers in mind.

7. Movies About Teaching

In the age of Internet shopping, it has never been easier for students to purchase great and inspiring films for their favorite teachers. Movies like “Stand and Deliver,” “Dead Poets Society,” and “The Paper Chase” are all about the ups and downs of a career in teaching. They also make great viewing for teachers who are keen to relax and unwind during the holiday break.

8. A Bookstore Gift Card

For many teachers, a holiday break is often a great time to catch up on a reading backlog. For a wonderful holiday gift, try purchasing a gift card from one of your teacher’s favorite local bookstores. If you’re not sure where your teacher’s favorite place to buy books locally is, you can always get them a gift card for an online bookseller like Amazon; the still-independent and well-stocked Powell’s Books is also a favorite source of quality literature for many teachers.

9. A Box of Chocolates

Nothing provides teachers with an escape from the stressors of a tough workday quite like a box of chocolates. For teachers who want to get away from it all during the holiday break, a box of chocolates can truly work wonders. Boxes of chocolate are also difficult presents to get wrong: Most teachers love chocolates of all kinds. (As water is to plants, chocolate is to teachers.)

10. Music Gift Cards

Perfect gifts for helping teachers relax after difficult workdays, music gift cards can really brighten up your favorite teacher’s holiday season. In the age of Internet streaming, the options here are truly limitless, but coupons for big music streaming sites like iTunes and Spotify can really give your teacher a chance to listen to some of their favorite songs after work. If your teacher loves music, this might just be the right gift for them!