Most people prefer painting a house in summer as the paint dries sooner in this season. You don’t need to wait for a week to apply a second coat on your walls. However, despite plenty of benefits, there are many disadvantages of painting a house in the summer.

Therefore, homeowners need to consider both the pros and cons of painting a house in summer. Some people prefer painting in summer, but some avoid the same and paint their home in the winter season. Let us explore all the pros and cons of painting a house in the summer season.

Pros or painting in summer

It takes less time

Homeowners may feel that the hot temperatures are suitable for painting in summer. Painting a house usually required two or three coats of paint. You need to wait for a second coat until the previous one dries completely. The temperatures are high in summer, and the paint coats dry quickly. Therefore, painters don’t need to wait for long to apply a second coat.

Bright light

Painting a wall requires the best weather conditions, which supports better adhesion. The acrylic and plastic enamels are thinner at high temperatures and the spread better in the hot days. The finishing quality is better and superior in this season. The pearl touch paint will be smooth, and the textured paints adhere consistently in summer.

The smell of paint goes quickly

Every time you paint your house, the smell spreads in the environment. It takes some time for the smell to go away entirely, and it takes longer in the cold days. The smell goes quickly in the warm temperatures of the summer. Therefore, painting in summer is the best for families with members having asthmatic or respiratory problems.

Paint adheres and spreads easily

All the paints are usually thick and heavy. The weather and temperature affect the heaviness of paint. The heat of the summer season causes the pigments to expand that lead to thinning of the paint. Thinner the paint, more easily it is to apply, and also it spreads well on the walls.

Cons of painting in summer

The base may crack soon

The plaster on the walls cracks easily in the summer heat, and if the temperatures are too high, the base work loses its moisture too quickly. The base work should dry completely before applying the first coat of paint; otherwise the paint becomes prone to cracks within a few months.

Uneven Finishing

Sometimes in the summer, the upper layer of the paint dries out too fast while the layer underneath is still damp. It can lead to the development of wrinkles in the paint and uneven finishing of the final coat. Also, painting the exterior walls under the direct sun can lead to blistering.

Surface Preparation

The preparation of the surface is an essential task before painting, but the heat and wind make it longer than usual. The surface preparation sometimes takes as long as the entire paint job.

Painters feel lazy

The high temperatures in the summer can make the painters feel lazy, which affects their speed or work. The situation is the same as the employees in an office feel lazy after lunch hours. Therefore, painting in the summer means a great pace of paintwork for the first half and low speed for the remaining hours. You need to overcome the summer season and persuade the painters to work during the best time of the day. It is best to call the painters in the early morning when they are still fresh to work effectively.

Life becomes still in summer

Summer means the holiday season, and people want to take a break in this season. Many people like to paint their houses in the summer season, but this time of the year may attract many types of obstructions. Guests may arrive at your house, or you might need to cancel a vacation trip. Painting a house can take a time of one month or more, and till the time it gets completed, the holiday time comes to an end, and life comes back to routine.

It’s difficult to work in the summer

With a house full of painters, you need to keep some doors and windows open due to which it is not possible to turn on the air conditioners. With open doors or windows, you need to switch to fans of coolers as the air conditioners will not work efficiently. Therefore, homeowners may feel the warmth of the harsh summer, across the rooms and hallways. If you prefer painting your house in the summer season, it is best to paint one room at a time, so that family members can stay in other rooms with air conditioners on.

Final Words

These are the pros and cons of painting in summer. Whether its interior walls, exterior walls, or house roof painting, these tips will help the homeowners to make a wise decision whether they should or should not paint in summer. Now, as you know the pros and cons of painting in summer, you can decide for yourself as well as advise others about house painting.