The excellent use of advertising forms on Facebook can bring value, especially for businesses. To do that, you need to understand what Facebook ads are and the characteristics of each form of advertising? All will be in the article below:

Facebook Ads

What are Facebook ads?

Although it is mentioned a lot, many people do not understand what Facebook Ads are? First, Facebook Ads (Facebook Advertising) or Facebook Ad is Facebook’s advertising service to meet the increasing needs of users, especially businesses. 

Specifically, if you are looking for your articles to be reached by more people and get the right audience, Facebook Ads will help you. Your job is to spend a fee corresponding to the size of the campaign and set up criteria to determine the user group you want to target. Facebook will distribute the article/articles to the target group you have zoned for the rest.

This is done automatically through complex algorithms and intelligent artificial intelligence. Therefore, the implementation process is quick, and the advertising efficiency is relatively high.

However, understanding what Facebook ads are will not be enough to have a successful advertising campaign. You need to know about the types of Facebook ads or Facebook ads to get the best choice. Because Facebook ad types 2022 are not only many but also easy to confuse. For example, “Facebook collection vs. carousel”…

A small note, currently, you can only deploy advertising forms on Facebook for regular Fanpage or Fanpage profiles. Individual user accounts cannot run ads.

Differentiate the forms of advertising on Facebook

If it’s just named, the list of ad types on Facebook can reach dozens. Therefore, several criteria are given to make classification easier, including advertising object, ad object position, ad layout, and advertising purpose.

1. Video ads (Video ads)

The types of videos that are quite popular today are short videos, long videos, Livestream videos, etc. However, not all of them can be approved by Facebook for advertising. Do the eligibility criteria focus on whether the video content has community value and violates Facebook’s policies or not?

Some notes on implementation:

  • Title length: 40 characters.
  • Link description length: 30 characters.
  • Body text length: 125 characters.
  • Targeted: All but category sales.

2. General advertising

Combining both images and videos gives viewers more information and makes it easier to create visual impressions. This audience group often appears in collection ads and carousel ads.

With the criteria of classifying types of Facebook ads by audience, we can add text post ads (alphabets and numbers). However, in reality, very few users make advertising of this kind simply because a purely alphanumeric product is difficult to attract readers. 

3. Page Post Engagement ads

This is one of the most common types of Facebook ads. Articles can be images, videos, or a combination, posted directly on Fanpage, not stories or messages. The goal of advertising is to increase the community’s interaction with the article (through comments, expressions, shares), increase the number of fans for the page (like, follow) or improve the conversion rate – buy. Products, etc. On the Facebook side, they will charge based on post-interaction.

4. Advertising via Facebook messages (Messenger ads)

This type of ad will help the content to be communicated to the customer and displayed automatically in the Facebook user’s messenger. In other words, Facebook will send news about products, promotions, etc., to customers that match the target you have built.

The advantages of choosing this form of advertising compared to direct messaging to customers are:

  • Shortening the execution time
  • Expanding the group of potential consumers
  • Having a call-to-action button (call-to-action)


5. Story ads (Stories ads)

Stories ads are one of the newest forms of Facebook advertising today. This form focuses on smartphone users when allowing them to maximize the smartphone screen interface, creating an excellent visual impression. 

Some notes when using Stories ads:

  • Text: Do not use special characters, type strongly on image and video elements.
  • Target: All but the level of interaction for posts on Fanpage.

6. Collection ads

This is one of the paid Facebook ads and only supports mobile devices. Specifically, you can introduce five images or videos to Facebook users instead of the usual one. As a result, the ability to create orders is higher due to more complete and detailed product information: models, prices, colors, etc.

Today, this type of advertising is often combined with instant experience ads when maximizing compatibility, allowing consumers to shop directly without leaving the Facebook page.

Some notes on implementation: 

  • Title length: 40 characters.
  • Body text length: 125 characters.
  • Targets: Post traffic, conversions, category sales, Fanpage traffic.

7. Carousel ads (Carousel ads)

Chain or carousel ads allow users to upload ten images or videos to introduce products/services. In it, each photo or video can create a separate link: product stall of the same type, sales homepage, etc.

We see many similarities when comparing “Facebook Collection vs. Carousel” ads. But in reality, there are differences between these two forms of advertising. Firstly, the viewer operation for Collection ads is to click to view, for Carousel ads it is to swipe. Second, carousels are often used to highlight a specific product from many different angles, while the collection aims to show the diversity of a product type.

Although they are different, both are the most popular forms of advertising on Facebook today. Some notes on implementation:

  • Subject line length: 40 characters.
  • Link description length: 20 characters.
  • Body text length: 125 characters.
  • Targeted: All but photo/video interactions and views.

8. Advertise Offer Claim

The offer Claim ad is unique because this form is often applied to deploy promotions and stimulate purchases through vouchers, discount codes, etc. Besides the actual content, such as program name, content, and several subscribers, … Buttons “Get Offer and” “Like Page” are also prominently arranged for viewers to join quickly.

9. Poll ads

As the name suggests, this ad aims to collect user opinions about products, service quality, etc., through voting right on the displayed content (images or videos). Opinion ads are suitable for statistical campaigns and analyzing market data.

The great thing is that the Poll is not too big, it doesn’t annoy viewers, and they don’t have to forward to a link outside of Facebook.

10. Lead ads

This is also one of the forms of Facebook advertising aimed at collecting customer information, but instead of voting, they can provide more complete and detailed information. Like Poll ads, Lead ads are built to optimize the mobile interface and do not require viewers to leave the Facebook interface. Therefore, Lead ads create convenience and speed.

11. Instant Experience Ads (Canvas ads)

Understandably, this type of advertising helps customers who have been using products and services to share their feelings and experiences. Businesses can both “show off” products and services and receive evaluations about product quality to promptly have a strategy to adjust and improve. In the case of positive feedback, the business even reaches more new potential customers.

Some notes on implementation:

  • Text length: Text blocks up to 500 words each.
  • Button text length: 30 characters.
  • Targets: Nearly all.

Besides the above-mentioned Facebook advertising forms, we also have ads for “click to the web,” Abandoned Cart Ads or event announcements, etc. Despite specific differences, there are some differences. Sometimes, people also combine different Facebook ads instead of doing them alone.

Although the forms of advertising on Facebook are now very diverse, indeed, in the future, more and more new names will appear.

12. Promote Page Like

These ads focus on increasing likes and followers for Fanpage. Therefore, this type of advertising is often used with new accounts, accounts running Facebook Ads Break, etc. The aim is to increase trust in the community or meet the “procedures” in the company’s policy. Facebook.

As for the user interface will see a direct link to the advertised Fanpage with a “like page” button in the corner of the image. Therefore, finding out information or articles on the site is done with just one click instead of searching on the toolbar.

13. Image ads (Image ads)

This is the most basic and accessible form of advertising. You will use images as a tool to grab the viewer’s attention. Therefore, creative, unique, and impressive elements in the image are essential.

Some notes when making this form of advertising:

  • Title length: 40 characters.
  • Link description length: 30 characters.
  • Body text length: 125 characters.
  • Targeted at: All but video views.


Is “Facebook Collection vs. Carousel” different?

As shared, despite having certain commonalities, Facebook Collection ads are different from Carousel ads. Specifically, the viewer operation for Collection ads is to click to view, for Carousel ads is to swipe. Next, the carousel is often used to highlight a particular product from many different angles, while the collection aims to show the diversity of a product type.

Is Facebook advertising expensive?

 First, running Facebook ads will cost money. However, the high or low cost depends on many factors: campaign size, campaign goals, advertising experience, selected types of Facebook ads, etc. In which the experience of real people advertising decision is enormous.