Have you ever stared at the new vehicles at the dealership and wish you had a little more cash to buy one? Or are you wondering whether the used inventory at the dealership is as nice as you would like? The best news is there are Mazda demo cars for sale Brisbane dealerships have that you should give serious thought to.

Also known as demonstrator cars, these vehicles are part of the dealer stock. The cars are registered but not sold and kept at Brisbane Mazda dealerships for test drives, for use by the management as company cars, or service loan vehicles.

However, demo cars are usually not older than two years from the date of build and must not have more than 5,000kms on them. If a car you are looking at has more than these numbers, it is not a dealer demo. It is a used car which is okay, but you need to conduct a thorough pre-purchase inspection before buying it.

So, why is purchasing a dealership demonstrator car a good deal?

Excellent condition

While the car is technically “new”, it definitely is in excellent condition. Think about this way. A demo car that’s used to sell a specific model to would-be customers at the dealership must be the best in the fleet to represent the rest.

Therefore, even with the occasional test drives and other demonstration purposes, you can safely rest assured that the vehicle is very lightly driven. Since it represents the very best of the model it is supposed to sell, a demonstrator car will stay that way for a long time after you drive it home.

Easily accessible and complete vehicle history

There are several subcategories of demonstrator cars in the market. Some of the Mazda demo cars for sale Brisbane dealers have are specifically there for the sake of test drives. Other demo vehicles are courtesy vehicles that customers get in replacement of their own after a recall or during servicing, while factory demos are a special subcategory of vehicles that are for show off only!

Whatever type of demo you are looking at, the information is always available. Some dealerships are not so forthcoming with the information about cars they have on the lots. But since the demo is specifically for official use, you can rely on getting a thorough and full history before making the buy.

Always available

A major benefit of choosing to buy a demo car from a Brisbane Mazda dealer is it brings you most benefits of a new car and you can still take it home the day of the purchase. There is no waiting for the shipment to complete or worry about a confusing supply chain. You get to choose the car you want, make the purchase, and drive it up to your driveway the same day!

Upper model specifications

Most demo cars on sale have high-level specifications. Sometimes, they also have features that are rare in the standard versions of a certain model. This is because the demo cars are vehicles that highlight the best qualities that Mazda dealers Brisbane have available.

When you pick out your demo car, chances are high that it’s already tricked out with some of the best in technology and engine performance. If you want to experience the full extent of a vehicle’s capacity, you will never go wrong with a demo.

The takeaway

When looking to purchase a car, your options are not limited to just new or used. A wide selection of Mazda demo cars for sale Brisbane has today offer plenty of benefits. But more importantly, you get to drive home with a late model Mazda car at a couple of thousands less than brand new!

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