4 Reasons To Call a Lawyer

Calling a lawyer can seem like a very serious thing, and you may be nervous about doing it. There are misconceptions about what it means to call a lawyer. Calling a lawyer is not an admission of guilt. It does not mean you promise to give your lawyer lots of money. It may mean you’re involved in a court case, but it may not. Lawyers and attorneys can be very helpful in a number of situations. Here are some reasons you may want to consider calling one.

1. You’re Estate Planning

You don’t have to be in legal trouble to call a lawyer. Instead, you may be interested in getting your affairs in order and planning your estate. You don’t have to be old or deathly ill to plan your estate. Having a will and knowing the value of your assets can benefit your friends and family in the event of your untimely passing and can even give everyone more peace of mind while you’re still alive.

2. You’ve Been in an Accident

Sometimes, you may call a lawyer because you want to take someone to court, not because you’re being taken to court. If you are injured in a motor vehicle crash, for example, you may consider calling a car accident attorney. A personal injury lawyer who helps with vehicle damage cases can walk you through your rights and help represent you in court. This may lead to you getting a payout and coverage damages to your vehicle or yourself.

You may want to consider calling a lawyer for other injuries and damages as well. Personal injury lawyers can help represent victims of medical malpractice, workplace safety incidents and other injurious situations. It can be important to have someone on your side that can support you through the complicated legal process.

3. You Want a Restraining Order

Another reason you may take someone to court and may also retain a lawyer is if you’re filing a restraining order against someone. A restraining order can be one of the last lines of defense against someone exhibiting stalking, harassing or threatening behavior. While requirements for restraining orders can vary based on location, most of the time, you have to make a court appearance to file one. Having a lawyer with you can simplify the process of appearing in court and help you ensure that you get what you want from your restraining order. This can be important to grant you peace of mind.

4. You’re Facing Criminal Charges

This reason for calling a lawyer is the one many people may think of first. Plenty of television shows about the police and the court system have brought criminal trials into popular culture. If you are calling a criminal defense attorney, it’s important to remember that the attorney is there to get you the best possible outcome.

Individuals accused of crimes who do not call lawyers are usually represented by public defenders. You may choose this option, but public defenders are often working many cases and may be underpaid. Retaining the services of a private lawyer may help guarantee a better outcome in your case.

If you’re calling a lawyer, it might not be because you’re involved in a court case. You might be getting your affairs in order. It might be that you’re involved in a court case, but only because you’re taking someone to court. It might, of course, be that you’re facing criminal charges and need representation. Whatever the situation, it can be important to call a lawyer who will support you and help create the best outcome for you and your loved ones.