This blog is all about HR functions and challenges in 2020. Also, it will explain the possible best solution of HR and why you should go for HR solution like HRMS?

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What is HR management?

Human resource management involves some important staff management activities to keep things running seamlessly.

Some of the most important HR roles include payroll management, employee management, employee empowerment, attendance tracking, onboarding, and much more.

The overall objective of right HR management strategy is to ensure employees’ well-being and a motivated workforce.

Challenges at Human resource management

Being the frontline of business, HR people have one of the toughest responsibilities at organisation. Successful staff management is no kid’s game. It takes a lot to effectively run business operations and perform necessary tasks like CSR and talent acquisition.

Listed below are some highlights of HR challenges:

  • Compliance with law
  • Remote workforce management
  • IT
  • Communication
  • Talent hiring
  • Employee retention
  • HR technology
  • Learning and development, etc.

The list goes on…

What is Human resource management system?

There are several benefits and importance of an online HR software and HRMS to a business. An HRMS solution comes up with modules like recruitment management, time-tracking, payroll system, training management, etc.

The HR technology like HR software comes up with intuitive integrations and makes HR management a cakewalk for HR folks.

Top 5 benefits of HRMS software:

·        Employee Timesheet

While working from remote area like home during lockdown or similar, it becomes difficulty for the HR people to keep a track of deliverables and details of employees. Also, remote working makes it difficult for team mangers to keep a check on their teammates.

Whereas timesheets make the acknowledging process a lot easier. Automated timesheets improve the hour tracking of employees. Managers and TL (team leads) now need not worry about the process and it saves time on manual reporting. Timesheet reports can be filled by the employee themselves and submitted to manager.

Online timesheets improve efficiency of time tracking strategies. Remote employees can now send reports easily from anywhere and anytime.

·        KPI monitoring

The key performance indicator monitoring helps team leaders learn the performance of their employees. The monitoring helps analyse their work through a decided set of metrics, which include absenteeism, time consumed, and much more.

Time tracking and attendance tracking contributes by providing metrics, which gives you an overall performance rating i.e. KPI value. The HRMS system automates the monitoring and provides you 360-degree view of KPI for the selected employee or worker.

Not just employee, KPI monitoring through HRMS also lets you track defined goals and completion of projects. It helps keep things on track and running. Real time monitoring through cloud based HRMS system makes it a great pick for an industry.

·        Performance Appraisal

Providing feedbacks to employees for appraisals take longer than compared to automated system. Manual operations also bring in unwanted errors. Managing appraisals and rewarding for every employee without system assistance is difficult.

Manual activity requires spreadsheet handling and much more mundane tasks. Whereas HRMS brings all of these on the same page saving you time and effort. After feeding questions, feedback degrees, and other required parameters, you don’t need to look into appraisal management anymore.

Automated appraisal management motivates your employees with easy goal setting and tracking. Rewarding, hence made easier.

·        Data backup and security

Data security is the biggest concern for businesses like yours. You want to prevent all your HR data and corporate documents from any online theft and loss.

Cloud based HRMS comes up with secured server for your HR information backed up at reliable cloud. Even if there is data misplacement, data backups provided by the HR management system makes you worry no more.

No more piles of paper and data. HRMS will help you get rid of those delicate papers prone to loss.

·        Employee self-service

Self-service portal for your employee could be one of the most effective things at base to effectively manage and engage them. Integrated ESS portal with the HR management system allows employees track their requests and leaves through their mobile phone itself.

This practice saves a huge amount of effort and time at exchanging requests manually at the management. Updating personal information and sending leave requests thus made easy.


Apart from these aforementioned benefits, an HRMS system for an SME or any vertical can make your day-to-day operation streamlined and simpler. The software brings all data at one place, thus making data access even better.

Be it a start-up or any high performing business, the HR manager has to keep up with the latest trends and HR solution. Stay ahead of the game. Pick your HRMS today!

Happy HR management!

Author bio:

Ritik Singh writes about HR software, cloud, and enterprise technology. A dynamic content writer who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud-based HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR Chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.