Are you getting bored during these quarantine days due to coronavirus? Do you want to learn some creative skills and make your time worth it? You have an excellent opportunity to learn creative skills during your quarantine days to make it worth in the future. If you are interested in graphic designing, then these quarantine days can be helpful for you to get polished skills in graphic designing during your quarantine days. There are numerous software applications available to learn graphic designing quickly and effectively.

However, graphic designing is a fascinating subject for potential designers to learn it during their quarantine days. Numerous graphic designing software like this are available on the internet, and those are free of cost for everyone. You can choose any of them, but you must choose a better application to get good hands-on experience in graphic designing. The best and free of cost graphic designing software to learn designing in quarantine days are enlisted below with their description.


Vectr is one of the best and most popular graphic designing software applications for you to learn graphic designing during your quarantine days. You can use this by using Windows, Linux, Browser or Chrome OS. This is entirely free and open-source graphic designing software to create 2D vector designs easily and efficiently using various tools available in this graphic designing software application. Filters, shadows and different fonts are available in this software to reduce the effort of the designers. Vector designing helps you to scale designs to any size without losing clarity, and that is the reason that this software provides vector designing instead of raster graphics designing.

The web-based version is also available for the users to use it without using their PC’s power and memory. The tutorials for learning this graphic designing software are also available on its website. You can learn this fantastic graphic designing software during your quarantine and then use your skills later.

SketchUp – Free Graphic Design Software

SketchUp is a very powerful graphic designing software that can help you to learn a lot regarding graphic designing. This software is used by the designers to create 2D & 3D designs by using its amazing features and tools. The powerful features of this outstanding graphic designing software can help you to learn about 3D modelling, which is very demanding and prevalent in today’s world. You can learn this graphic designing software to get highly valuable skills in your quarantine days. Layer manager, lighting effects and 3D modelling are the major and most useful features of this free graphic designing software.

However, this graphic designing software also provides 10GB free cloud storage to the free users of this software.

Blender – Best Graphic Design Software

Blender is a very popular name amongst the list of graphic designing software applications, and you must be familiar with this graphic designing software. It is completely free graphic designing software for you to learn designing during your quarantine. It not only provides features and tools for graphic designing but also allows you to do 3D modelling, use visual effects, masking, etc. This graphic designing software application can be also be used for animation designing due to its most potent tools embedded in it. Path tracing, simulation and modelling are the major features of this graphic designing software. More than 1500 textures are available for the designers of Blender.

Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a very effective graphic designing software for the beginners, especially for the people who are about to start designing to take advantage of their quarantine days. Because this software provides customized templates to use for designing, which is very helpful for the people who are not aware of powerful tools for graphic designing. This tool can be beneficial to get the basics of graphic designing, and you would be able to move towards professional graphic designing. More than 10,000 templates are available for the designers on Design Wizard to create attractive designs by using Design Wizard. A large database of images is also available to use them for graphic designs.


Gimp is another one of the most popular graphic designing software applications all over the world due to its useful features. This is a free and open-source graphic designing software application to edit raster images and create attractive graphic designs. This software application can be used on Windows, Linux, macOS and Sun OpenSolaris Operating Systems. Designers can create artworks from scratch by using this fantastic tool of graphic designing and an easy to use interface can be very helpful for you to learn it easily and efficiently during your quarantine days.


There are many easy to use and powerful graphic design software applications available for you to learn designing during your quarantine days. You can use these quarantine days to learn valuable skills of graphic designing by using the above useful and powerful graphic designing software applications.