Swallowing medicinal pills is not a problem for children and elderly people but has become a common occurrence among all age groups. It is a kind of disease that goes by the name Dysphagia. It is a fear of choking that makes patients unable to swallow their medicine pills.

If you are one of those people who have problems swallowing the pills, read on. This article will discuss the different methods that can be used to swallow pills without any extra effort.

Best Pill-Swallowing Strategies

In our list of best pill swallowing strategies, you will find some of the strategies you are aware of. So, without making you wait any longer, here are some of the best pill swallowing strategies you can follow.

1. Swallowing Gel

Swallowing gels are the new investigation in the healthcare sector. These are the gels that can be used to coat the tablet for easy swallowing. After the invention of this gel, a study was made to see how effective this gel was. And to everyone’s surprise, almost 60% of the people claimed to benefit from using the medication swallowing gel.

The medicine swallowing gel improved the taste of the medicine and prepared a lubricated track for easy swallowing. In addition to gel, you also get swallowing lubricant in sprays.

2. Drink A Lot Of Water

This is one of the old-school methods to ensure nothing choked inside your throat. Even if something is choking inside your throat, drinking lots of water clears the path. You can use the same methods with the medication as well.

If you find a tablet too large for you to swallow, you can drink a lot of water at the time of swallowing. You just have to visualize that you are drinking water; the rest will be taken care of by your action.

However, while swallowing pills, you find that you cannot swallow; carefully take the pill out and dry it carefully to not dissolve.

3. Lean Forward

This method is more of an improvisation. Leaning forward to swallow the pill ensures that your food pipe is in one straight line. This is practiced to ensure the tablet medicine pill can be swallowed easily.

Start with your chin up, move back your shoulder, and pill in your mouth. Now, take a medium-sized sip of water and try to gulp both water and pill simultaneously. Here the idea is to push pills into the food pipe while maintaining a straight line.

4. Put The Medicine In A Teaspoon Of Soft Food

To gulp more water than a person usually drinks can gag the person. In such cases, you can use food to take the medicine pills. Taking pills is all about fooling your brain. You can start with a teaspoon full of soft food. Use that food to cover the pill and try to eat it.

If you forget about the medicine while eating the soft food, you will be back to taking medicine without any issues. However, this method comes with its flaws. Some medicine loses its effectiveness after mixing it with food.

When the doctor is prescribing you medicines, ask the doctors about how you can take your medicine. This will help you follow the right method to consume your medicine.

5. Pop Bottle

The pop bottle method is one of the innovations that is used to take large size medicinal pills. To swallow pills with the help of the pop bottle method, you need a narrow opening water bottle. Now place the pill on your tongue, place the water bottle opening on your lips, now clove the lips.

Use the pressure of the water bottle’s narrow opening to force the pill down the throat. Although it is an effective technique to swallow the pills easily, it can only be used for heavy pills.


It is common to have problems swallowing the pill. The major reason is that people deal with choking themselves while swallowing pills. The fear of choking yourself is certainly true. Doctors believe that there are chances that pills can be trapped in your Esophagus. However, it is one of the rarest cases and not usually a medical emergency.

Even though it is not easy to get past the fear of swallowing the medicine pills, the methods we have listed here might help you.