Cover letters are not mandatory with job applications, but they can come to your benefit in the recruitment process if framed professionally. Recruiters consider cover letters as a backup of resumes as applicants can add details of their accomplishments and specialties in a cover letter.

Now, you might wonder about how to draft a cover letter or use professional cover letter examples effectively in 2022. 

But first, you need to clear the confusion related to the advantages of a cover letter in your job application. Here are a few of them:

Shows Your Hidden Skills

A cover letter will help you mention the skills that didn’t get placed in the resume. These skills can be anything, including work enthusiasm, good learning skills, proactive work ethic, etc. These skills in your cover letter can enhance your shortlisting changes in the recruitment process.

Impresses Recruiters

Though a cover letter is not mandatory, recruiters like to read cover letters if framed appropriately. It shows the candidate’s enthusiasm towards the applied position and the accomplishments that impress recruiters while screening the application.

To impress recruiters even more, you can mention a line or two around the company. By doing research, you will be able to find what sort of projects the company undertakes, and you can offer your two cents about them. You can even talk about the company culture, and say how it aligns with your values.

Backs up Your Application

Sometimes, you can not describe your professional journey via a resume. For example, if you have a career gap, it is impossible to mention the reason in the resume. This is where the cover letter backs you up. You can describe your professional journey smoothly by linking the points mentioned in the resume.

Demonstrates Your Presentation Skills

Writing a cover letter can be tricky as you need to follow a professional format to frame it. Your cover letter will showcase your presentation skills in front of the recruiter. Hence, a professional cover letter format or template can benefit you greatly in the recruitment process.

Additionally, a cover letter will demonstrate your communication and writing skills, which will eventually portray you as a good employee.

Establish a Friendly Relation With Recruiter

A cover letter will work as a vital tool to make a friendly bond with the recruiter. It will help the recruiter understand your vision, personality, accomplishments, and professional goals. You can use a cover letter to show your affirmations matching the company’s interests after getting hired.

You can showcase your accomplishments and plans to help the company become a better place and improve organizational growth.

Key Takeaways

A cover letter can boost your shortlisting chances in a recruitment process. Hence, we highly recommend adding a cover letter to your resume while applying for a job.

Here are the main advantages of adding a cover letter with your job application:

  • In a cover letter, you can showcase your hidden skills and accomplishments to show your worth.
  • A cover letter will show your enthusiasm for the job and impress the employer, maximizing your selection chances.
  • A cover letter will back up your resume and help you join the points mentioned in the resume for a clear picture of your professional journey.
  • A cover letter demonstrates your presentation, communication, and writing skills, helping recruiters gain a deeper understanding of your candidacy.
  • Cover letters help establish a healthy relationship with the recruiter with a professional touch.

Considering the following points majorly, it becomes important to add a cover letter to your job application for better results in the recruitment process. This is why we can say that drafting a cover letter is not a waste of time in 2022.