With an estimated population of 854,535, Baltimore is one of the most populous city in Maryland. Sex trafficking is, unfortunately, is an issue that the state and the city are battling. As per a new study, Maryland has a poor record of providing relief to sex trafficking survivors. As a result, it is very hard to clear records for human trafficking in Maryland. However, recent data indicate MHTTF federal law enforcement partners have identified 200 victims of trafficking in Maryland since January 2013.

Sex trafficking, in simple words, is the act of coercing, kidnapping, and forcing an individual into sexual exploitation. When hiring a Baltimore sex trafficking lawyer, it is very difficult to know who to choose. Here are five things you should consider.

1. Checking Background

The first thing to keep in mind will be to check the experience of the attorney you want to choose for the case. When hiring a sex trafficking attorney, you want someone who is experienced in this type of case.

The next thing you want to look into when hiring a sex trafficking lawyer is their background. You will want to know if they have been involved in these types of cases before and how lengthy is the experience in fighting sex trafficking cases law.

Legal practices have been a constant for years now; even though there have been changes in the current legal system, always consider looking into your lawyer’s past.

2. Compliance Requirements

Human trafficking crime continues to exist in all parts of Maryland state. Train service, inexpensive bus transportation, three major airports, and large disposable incomes make Maryland an attractive destination for sex trafficking.

Maryland states require attorneys to fulfill several annual compliance requirements. In addition, the attorney should register with a bar in the State of Maryland and keep their information updated in the Attorney Information System.

Also, every attorney in Maryland is required to submit an IOLTA report annually. Make sure the attorney meets all compliance requirements before hiring. You can check the attorney’s compliance standing at the state bar website.

3. Costs

The costs are an important factor when choosing a Baltimore sex trafficking lawyer. The lawyer’s costs vary significantly, and no standard model is followed for the attorney costs.

Some lawyers charge a hefty sum to their clients for serious crimes like sex trafficking. Ask clear questions about the total costs of a sex trafficking case. If the fees are not affordable, look for another lawyer.

4. Comfort Level

Sex trafficking is a serious crime, and you should be able to share full information with the attorney. Most attorneys offer first free consultation, and you can use it to find out how it feels to work with the attorney. During the initial consultation, the attorney assesses the merits of the case and their ability to help.

How are you treated during the consultation? Does the attorney try to manage your expectations about the process involved? Does the attorney mention the time needed for a successful resolution? You should seek answers to these questions and make a decision.

5. Attorney Style

Every attorney has a unique style of interacting with clients. Some are diplomatic and gentle, while some are direct and aggressive. There is nothing wrong with any attorney style. Everything depends on your preferences.

These are important things to keep in mind while selecting a sex trafficking lawyer in Baltimore.