These days, people have stopped relying on prescribed medication and have started to move towards natural alternatives to treat ailments such as chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, and depression. Kratom is one of the natural alternatives to medication.

Kratom belongs to the coffee family and grows in many South Asian countries’ rain forests. In the past centuries, the locals have relied on Kratom to treat many ailments. They consumed Kratom for treating various kinds of pains, to get through long, laborious days, and to provide a boost of adrenaline. In the last few years, Kratom has observed a rise in the western market too. Since it can help in relieving pain, calming your mind, providing energy, and sedating effects, the demand for Kratom products keeps getting bigger. 

In the South Asian countries, the locals used to add kratom leaves to their tea for instant effects, however, in Western countries, users tend to fille their teapots with Kratom tea and also consume Kratom through Kratom capsules. A lot of people prefer to drink Kratom tea when it’s a bit cold, rather than taking it hot. Moreover, to make the bitter taste of Kratom more bearable, you can add sweetener for masking its herbal flavor. 

Since each drinker has a unique way of making such a bitter beverage more palatable, let’s take a look at five simple methods to make Kratom tea from Kratom powder.

Kratom Tea with Kratom Powder

One of the most common methods to make Kratom tea is by brewing the powder straight in the water. For this, you need to take a couple of cups of water and add it to a saucepan. Add the kratom dosage that you’d like your tea to have and let the water boil. Keep stirring to keep the powder from forming clumps. The next step is to turn down the heat and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Even if you leave the water to sim for half an hour, it won’t be a problem as the alkaloids of Kratom endure the heat quite well. Lastly, pour the tea into a cup with the help of a filter and enjoy it. In case you’re just looking for high-quality Kratom powder, making a local purchase would also save a lot of time—lookup for “Visit BKC” on Google to find the best deal around you.

Kratom Tea with Empty Tea Bags

Are you looking to brew your tea through a different method? Take empty tea bags and fill them up with the required Kratom dosage. Tea Bags available on the market usually come in small sizes, so use as many tea bags as possible, until you get the dose right. If you have tea bags at home, empty them and put Kratom powder in them for you to dip in hot water. After the Kratom flavor is extracted from the teabags, sip up and make the most of its benefits.

Coffee Filters with Kratom Tea Bags

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To make the most of Kratom powder while making Kratom tea, you can make the teabags with the help of coffee filters. For that, you’ll require a stapler, coffee filters, and baker’s string.

  • To start with, take a coffee filter and cut it into a rectangular shape.
  • Place the dosage of Kratom powder in the middle of the filter. Since you would have to fold the filter afterward, make sure that the powder is put right in the center. 
  • Fold all the sides over the center part, and then lift the two sides.
  • Put a small piece of baker’s string and staple everything together.

With the help of the baker’s string, you can insert and remove the teabag from the hot water. 

With Boiling Pot

If you are thinking of making Kratom tea with Kratom powder in large batches, this is the best way. All you need is Kratom powder, cheesecloth, 1 liter of water, and a medium-sized pot.

  • Pour the water into a pot and let it boil.
  • Reduce the heat, add the required dosage of Kratom, and let the water simmer for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, pour all the contents out onto the cheesecloth, then into the container for storage or serving purposes.

This method tends to serve more people, but you can always reduce the quantity of water and Kratom powder simultaneously if you plan on serving yourself.

Kratom Powder with Tea Infuser

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A tea infuser is pretty handy while brewing Kratom powder and is one of the easiest ways to make Kratom tea. All you need is a combination of empty teabags and a couple of pieces of cheesecloth (to avoid spilling).

If you plan on putting Kratom powder right into the infuser, then don’t do that. That’s because the powder can roll through the holes of the infuser easily. To avoid such a mess, unfold the teabags, and cover the infuser’s inner space with them. However, you can also opt for a piece of cheesecloth in the same process. In the end, before pouring the tea into your cup, place the Kratom powder into the infuser. 


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Kratom tea is a trending beverage, not just because of its healing properties but also for the quick absorption. Whether you plan on hosting a party or sit in your backyard to unwind over a sip, you can take the help of these five ways to make your version of Kratom Tea from Kratom powder. To read interesting content must check