Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

When we buy a house, we choose the one that fits our current needs. After a while, we get new ideas on how to change the layout and look for ways to upgrade it to fit our evolving needs. These house additions you’ve never thought about can increase the value in the long run and also add another level of comfiness.

Maximize your outside area

One of the main reasons people decide to live in a house is the existence of a backyard. You don’t have to have a big backyard in order to turn it into your private oasis in the fresh air. All you have to do is make use of even the smallest of backyards. Start by adding a gazebo that will provide proper shade and work as an outside room with its square shape. It will shelter you from the sun, rain, and give you the privacy you need. Add some comfortable outdoor furniture and a coffee table and you’ll have yourself a proper chill zone.

Turn the loft into his and hers closets

Having a lot of storage space doesn’t mean that we can hoard clothes like crazy. It’s quite the contrary because his and her closet will help you create that minimal vibe throughout the house. You won’t have to crowd each room with a giant wardrobe, you can use this extra space wisely.

In order to make room for his and her closets, you can convert your loft into two adjoining walk-in closets. Every woman dreams of having Carrie Bradshaw inspired closet and you can give her one if you convert the loft into one. You can put in a large skylight for added comfiness and a lot of natural light.

Add an Extra Bedroom

You never know when you’ll need an extra bedroom especially if your house is always full of guests. You can offer them a sofa to sleep on for a while and no one will mind. But, a guest room would make their stay just like a five-star hotel experience. If you plan to extend your family, you’ll also need an extra bedroom. So, all reasons to extend your home to include an additional bedroom are justified and you won’t make the wrong decision. You can always convert this room into an Airbnb rental space and boost your monthly income.

Build an office

We’ve never before considered having a regular office within our home until now. If we did work from home, it was probably for just a day or two. Today, many of us are practicing social distancing so we’re staying in. Each state has its own set of rules, people in Italy are quarantined while people in Australia can gather only in groups of two and so on. So, extending your home to fit in a home office is a perfect idea. People in Australia are turning to Inner West home builders to get the best results in a timely manner and get an office of their dreams. This room can work as a study, office, workshop depending on your current preferences.

Turn the bathroom into a real spa

Having your own personal spa within your home is yet another added but totally affordable luxury. You don’t need a lot to transform your home into a spa-retreat. You just need to remodel your bathroom to include a bath or even a freestanding bath. If you have a shower, make sure to upgrade it by changing your regular showerhead to the rainfall showerhead. You can also be practical and add a half bath to your home. When a house member decides to soak in a hot bath for an hour, they don’t want to be interrupted by someone else coming in to use the bathroom. A half bath is a practical solution and something every house needs. The bathroom is also a private space, so make sure to keep it like that by adding a half-bath to your house.

All of these five additions we’ve outlined in this article will add comfort to your home, make it look stylish and also add value to it. Even if you decide to add just one of these, you will upgrade your home to a completely new level.