Are you looking for free PDF reader software for your Windows 10, 7 or Windows 8 computer? Please try to refer to the list of the best PDF file readers that we recommend below.

Along with Word documents, PDF is now one of the file formats that many people choose to use because of its convenience. PDF can support users with raw text and fonts, graphics, sounds and many other effects. And to be able to read PDF files, we need specialized software to read PDF files. In the article below, the network administrator will synthesize to readers the best PDF reader software available today.

1. Foxit Reader is the lightest PDF reader software

Foxit Reader is a very familiar name to those who often have to work with PDF files. Foxit Reader supports the most essential tools when processing a PDF file, including opening a file, creating a PDF file, editing files as needed, or moreover being able to create notes, signatures, and password for security PDF file protection.

In later versions, the manufacturer more and more provides new features for Foxit Reader to meet the rich needs of users. Instead of just working with a single tab as before, with the new version we can display multiple PDF files at the same time, which is more convenient in document management and tracking. Especially not to mention the feature of linking to bookmarks on a PDF page in the browser, helping users to access quickly when needed.

2. Read PDF files with Adobe Reader

The second software that we want to introduce to you is Adobe Reader. We can use this tool to open PDF files, print files or annotate documents. In addition, users can also work with Adobe online services, as soon as we use Adobe Reader.

3. PDF reader Nitro PDF Reader

Owning the basic features when working with PDF files, Nitro PDF Reader also supports users to open and read files like other software. However, Nitro PDF Reader has the ability to intervene deeper into PDF files, making it possible to edit many of the contents of the file. Or support to create PDF files from any source and then share with everyone in different ways.

In case users need to save all images in the PDF file content, Nitro PDF Reader supports saving images to any folder without changing the original file.

4. Software to read PDF files for free Cool PDF Reader

Cool PDF Reader is quite small in size compared to the above PDF readers. The installation process of Cool PDF Reader is also quick, running directly without too much installation. The software will also help extract images in files into BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, …

5. View PDF files with PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer supports users to read all PDF files at high speed. Users can add text and notes to the file easily. To see a certain content area more easily, we can use the magnification tool available right on the interface of the software.

6. Read PDF file with web browser

You may not know that all web browsers support reading PDF files. If you do not often work with PDF files, just a tool to open a temporary PDF, just right-click on the PDF, choose Open with > choose the browser you want to open the PDF.

Above are 6 software to support reading, editing PDF quality and completely free to use. Each of these tools provides users with different features, supporting the working process, handling PDF files more conveniently and effectively. If you need professional tools to read and open PDF files, do not miss the 5 tools above.