There’s nothing like driving along the highways of Aussieland behind the wheel of a Peugeot 3008 for sale Brisbane dealerships offer. It’s a reliable vehicle that can get you where you need to be, in comfort and in dashing style.

According to recent surveys, 92.5% of households own a car in Australia. With its wide roads, whether in the cities or around them, owning a vehicle is a necessity. But what’s astonishing is that this number has increased to 2. At least 2 cars per family. This number makes up about a whopping 92.5% of homes.

And what’s better than to be behind the wheel of a Peugeot? We’ll tell you why.

Features You Won’t Say No To

Engine Refinement

The very heart of the Peugeot 3008 for sale Brisbane has to offer ─ its engine ─ is an upgrade from a bulky and clunky make no more than 3 years back. Now, this turbo petrol engine is sleeker and more compact. That’s less weight for you to lug around when you cruise down the streets.

Fuel-Efficient Yet Heavy-Duty

Diesel-powered, it speaks of fuel efficiency that’s ideal for both long and short drives. At the same time, it runs on compression so that it won’t easily break down even in lengthy and rigorous travels.

Enhanced Safety System

Any Peugeot van for sale is equipped with updated safety features but the 3008 brings “safety” to a whole other level.

Cruise control is spot-on with its auto-adaptability, and so is the blind-spot detection system. Alerts for lane-keeping, pedestrian, driver fatigue, speed, and braking will be accessed easily. These modifications are sweeping, to say the least. All for you and your family’s protection while on the road.

A Gorgeous Chassis and Interior Look

The Peugeot 3008 for sale Brisbane buyers prefer these days is outfitted with a sharp and streamlined chassis structure. We’re talking about a black rear panel and the brand’s distinctive “claw” design.

Top that off with state-of-the-art fog lights and LED beam lights. Furthermore, its interior lightning is all about “blue ambient”.

As for its 5 seats, they’re beautifully and carefully wrapped in Nappa leather─full-grain and quilted. This is a great upgrade from their formerly standard trimmings. The front seats have the options for cushion extending and retracting. To add to that, sections of the dashboard and doors are adorned with the perfect blend of clean industrial plastic and Brumeo fabric.

If you and your family love cruising with the sunroof open, you can have that option, too. This time, with a panoramic sunroof you can navigate electronically.

How To Get Your Hands Behind The Wheel Of A 3008


What’s amazing about a 3008, or even a Peugeot 5008 for sale, is that with the right dealer, you can ask for assistance in financing your new vehicle. There are tons of options to choose from, with terms that can have a framework based on your budget.

By simply asking your dealer for a quote, you’ll have an idea of how easy it is to avail of a car loan, and how you can remunerate for it over a period of time.

Servicing Like No Other, In The Heart Of Brisbane

Tailor-Fit Servicing

When it comes to a Peugeot expert for sale, repairs and parts-replacements need to be on-point. A feature that your chosen dealership can certainly aid you with. Your Peugeot, whether brand new or secondhand, will work best only if its repairs are handled by experts who know the exterior and interior brand and accessories of the same. Something you can avail of through your Brisbane Peugeot dealer. You may visit our blog for more details.